5 healthy habits from which we began to change our lifestyle

how to start caring for health

Until quite recently, before we started thinking about extending the family, we ate absolutely "sloppy", not to say terrible! It was the thought about the Child and the disease in our family that made health a fundamental value for us. Today we know quite a lot about its prevention and natural methods of treatment, but the first steps were very difficult for us. Due to the fact that every even the smallest change that is to bring us closer to a healthy lifestyle is wonderful, I will show you the 5 with which we started our path. 5 changes that were very easy for us to introduce, and from which our appetite for health only increased! Welcome our healthy habits!

1. Oils

Every day we make sure that our diet includes coconut oil, sunflower oil and linseed oil - the latter two cold. All this to ensure you have the right amount of Omega acids inexpensively. Of course, these oils must be unrefined or unclean. And then linseed oil supplements our diet with omega 3 fatty acids, and sunflower oil with omega 6 fatty acids, supplementing the diet with omega 3 fatty acids.

2. Frying

Did you know that you can only fry healthily with coconut oil, clarified butter or lard? And we fry only on this, and we use oils and olive oil only cold. Why? Linseed or sunflower oil has a lot of polyunsaturated acids, which undergo very unfavorable changes at high temperatures, resulting in the formation of compounds that are dangerous to health. That is why all oils - except coconut oil - are consumed only cold (raw). The whole butter is also not suitable for frying, but it is clarified. Scrambled eggs with such butter are so delicious!

3. bread

Who doesn't like the smell of warm bread? Unfortunately, fried bread, tempted by many supermarkets, is usually a deep-frozen product, stored for weeks or even months in different conditions, transportable from various countries and with fresh bread has not much in common. That is why we only eat bread baked by our mother. Santa never ate another. You will find this wonderful recipe here.

4. Reading labels on food products

It is impossible to learn all the names of forbidden ingredients at once, which absolutely should not be on our menu, because instead of nourishing - they are harmful. Due to the fact that switching to a healthy lifestyle cannot overwhelm us initially, and any change in this direction is good, we decided to choose 5 forbidden ingredients to start with and they are:

  • aspartame - I do not want to scare you here, so if you are curious why I say NO to this ingredient, you can read about it yourself, for example here
  • "modified”- one word of this kind on the label is enough to prevent me from inviting the product to my basket, not only for health reasons, but above all for ideological reasons, I am opposed to genetically modified foods, commonly known as GMOs. Did you know that the crops obtained from such breeding cannot usually be propagated by yourself? So a farmer who grows such food is not self-sufficient? Can't he sow and reap and sow again? Only has to BUY more sowing?
  • glutamate - the so-called flavor enhancer, which is a drug from a neurological point of view? Does it cause addiction? You can read more about it suitj
  • glucose-fructose syrup - although completely unnecessary, it is almost everywhere, it causes not only obesity, but also diabetes, more about it> click
  • Powder potato instead of fresh potatoes, powder eggs instead of fresh eggs ... incomplete, processed. No thanks.

5. A healthy snack 

How many times have I left a prolonged meeting and drive to a fast-food restaurant or a gas station to get a hot dog. After all, I was so hungry I thought I was going to pass out! Now, in such a situation, I open my bag or the glove compartment in the car and have no excuse to poison myself with food fried in inappropriate fats, flavor enhancers and the rest. Although I admit that I used to enjoy some of these "dishes", I know that I am actually winning. Not only do I not add any toxic substances to myself, I also don't eat a thousand calories at once.

In the subject of health, I am not a specialist, but an "amateur", and every day I try to devote a little attention to him and expand my knowledge.

Another topic that brings us closer to health is ... medical examinations and proper supplementation of deficiencies so that the body works in balance. But that's a topic for another day.

And what are your healthy habits? Would you like to add something to them?

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  • Karolna with

    Great post! Especially point 4, but all points are great. I used to not read labels (I am not allergic so I ignored the topic), but over time I started with sugar. Today I read all the labels, recently even the water labels ... I can even distinguish between highly mineralized water (eg Cechini Muszyna) and low mineralized water (eg Żywiec Zdrój). Ad. 5 preferably nuts, almonds, goji berries, dried apricots - you can take with you everywhere as a "quick snack" and dinner / lunch is another topic.

  • Aga

    Aguś, I would like to get inspiration, what you can prepare for a healthy and tasty dinner and snacks. I also have a few kg to lose ... and somehow it goes hard. And I know that healthy eating is the key to a nice figure.

  • 12.02.2016

    I would agree with everything that I would add that the oil should be refined. The unrefined one has a low smoking temperature and during frying and has the same properties as the refined one. Unrefined, you can eat without heat treatment and we can lubricate it 🙂 And for frying rapeseed oil and probably grape seed oil.

  • Iwona Liszt

    aaa and above all I started by reading labels very carefully 🙂

  • Iwona Liszt

    I have not sweetened anything for years, and I teach my daughter the same way, I do not sweeten her any drinks, but I allow chocolate, although recently I decided to limit the purchase of ready-made sweet snacks, and we bake cookies, flour, whole grain macaroni alone, I learned about oils from this article, but I was already planning to start using coconut, so far we've been using butter, we eat little meat, a lot of vegetables and fruits, fish, we don't use any ready-made spice mixtures = flavor enhancers and addictives, even coffee besides the usual one I started drinking spelled cereal 🙂 and we like cereal so lunches often cereal and pasta 🙂 but I'm also an amateur and I'm just learning 🙂

  • 12.11.2015

    We have minimized the amount of salt in our meals, just like with sugar, we use xilitol more often. If possible, we bring vegetables and fruits from our hometowns, and buy meat and eggs from reliable suppliers (e.g. neighbors) 🙂

  • 06.11.2015

    You managed to fry me a little bit because I love it in olive oil, but mainly on butter or on lard.

  • Cornelia

    The point 2 by all means, it's nice to read someone's thought that I still tell others myself sama

  • cosmomama

    In our country, "healthy habits" leave much to be desired, unfortunately.

  • Marzena Paplewska Gajaszek

    Your advice is actually acceptable. These methods have been used for a long time, additionally I have eliminated sugar, and where we feel the need for sweetness, we use honey. We drink our own compotes, we eat our own jams. I've been thinking a lot about freshly squeezed juices lately. I am considering buying a juicer, not a juicer, it is about preserving vitamins and enzymes, which are quickly destroyed when the juicer is processed. As for the word "modified", it does not always mean GMO. It happens that products contain modified starches, this process is not related to genetic modification. Best regards.

  • 04.11.2015

    Agnieszka, I just realized that I comment on almost every post you make. 😀 But it's probably because I'm in a similar life situation as you 😀 I also struggle with unnecessary kilograms for pregnancy. I go to the gym / fitness three times a week, and additionally go for walks with Marysia every day. I try to reach the 10 thousand steps every day. We also changed the oil and fry it only on coconut. I wonder about these healthy snacks because, like you, I often stop at a station or in some fastfood. What can you take with you? do you mean fruit, or something that can stay in the glove box for a long time?

  • Kamila PeugeotCikowa

    I had to change my diet after I got out of gestational diabetes. There was crying (because if you drink bitter tea, coffee and not eat chocolate), it was hard (especially when the result was above the norm), there was fear for the baby (because I can handle sugar, but the abdominal tenant will take it worse). Now I am on the second month of the diet. I have plenty of sugars, and how nicely my weight grows (the child's weight grows, and mine is practically stationary, well - I weigh even less than non-pregnant women!)

  • Magda

    Unfortunately (unfortunately) we had to completely change our diet due to food allergies ...
    We bake bread ourselves, we do not buy cold cuts, we rarely buy processed products such as (mayonnaise, mustard) ... We try to do everything ourselves ...

  • 04.11.2015

    It's similar with us. For my part, I will add that in the morning we try to eat a warm meal, e.g. porridge, millet, omelette. And if I don't have too much time in the morning, we drink warm water with honey or dandelion juice. Recently, I pay a lot of attention to food quality and nutrition. It is time consuming but it can be done.