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The fact that people can take away our energy has probably already convinced each of you. However, it is worth remembering that people can also give us an awful lot - energy, motivation and strength. Where to find them and how to use this power?

I will not hide that for years I have been trapped in "what others will think of me". I positioned myself in my head based on how people around me perceived me. Why "it seemed to me"? Because we never really know what anyone really thinks about us. That kind of out-of-control self-esteem is a terrible deal. All it takes is the company of a friend who has a bad day or a quarrel with her sister to suddenly feel very bad. In addition, a few people with negative attitude towards the world in the immediate vicinity, and a person absorbs these feelings like a sponge and often feels that it means little or nothing. And it is the other way round - a few wonderful, positively crazy people in our company can make us feel special. How to use it?

1. Clean up the area

Before you start finding wonderful, upbuilding people, you should get rid of those around you who feel you are losing energy, well-being and humor. After which meeting you feel crushed to the ground. I know, it's easy to talk, but harder to do. You've known each other for so many years! Or it's a family after all. Then you can always limit contacts or meet in a larger group. Remember, you are the most important!

2. open your eyes

There are good people among us, maybe you just don't notice them? Think about who you feel that you are radiating and instead of crumbling into many girlfriends, give your time to those who are really worth it.

3. Take care of balance

Remember that the acquaintance is successful, in the long run you should give as much as you get. Care, warmth and a positive attitude to life. This can be learned! Remember that every relationship with another person must be nurtured.

4. Look for ...

If you still lack the soul mate or people who are molded from the same clay as you, you can always go on their search. When I felt quite alone at maternity I added to several groups on Facebook and I found my soul mate on one of them, and when it turned out that 30 minutes walk from me I could not be happier. I also like reading the blogs of people who think like me, and thanks to the comments I get to know the next and next places where I can find relief.

And how are you? Do you have order in your contacts?

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