I can't wait for Christmas

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I can't wait for Christmas, the only ones of its kind, because our family ones.

This delicious food, although for me borscht could be made of cardboard, and ears from a packet, because what and who we eat does not matter. Admittedly, I am so lucky that my loved ones, unlike me, love to express their love and care by cooking delicacies for the festive table and every day. And so my mother will make my favorite fish in jelly, which will be wild, so that I can stay healthy longer. I hope for my mother-in-law's ears, which in the mushroom soup always remind us of Grandma, whom we miss every year. This year, there will also be homemade sushi on the table, although my mother, who invented them, will not even look at them, because she does not eat seaweed, but the rest of them will shake their ears. And for breakfast there will be pork loin half with apricot, half with plum and half sote, on home-made bread without chemicals and preservatives for breakfast.

I can't wait to see if we are late again or not. Because we will get to the cemetery on the way, and as always, there will be nowhere to park, and we will be surprised again that it is so. I am looking forward to Christmas Eve and decorations on every square centimeter, which will create a unique and unique atmosphere of my relatives' home, an atmosphere that I cannot recreate at home because I only accept 3 colors, and for someone I love the riot of colors.

I cannot wait for my crooked look at everyone who approaches my Child with gingerbread. Or whether someone will want to return a gift this year, although in practice they will use it almost every day later. And these are the gifts that I will give and that I cannot get either! The ones I can guess about and the ones I know nothing about. Those texts, those phones, those packages and cards at the last minute.

This time off-line, which I don't feel like every day. And this film on television, Alice in Wonderland I chose to repeat on Saturday at 15: 45, because I will not watch it on Christmas Eve. I hope you don't either.

I wish you a wonderful family holiday, yours, how you like it or you didn't like it, and you should like it, because you don't go to Families, and these are really the most important people.

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