Hotel Bulwar **** Toruń - Review

Bulwar Hotel Toruń review reviews

Last month we had the opportunity to stay at the Bulwar **** Hotel in Toruń.

We made the booking using the website, and the criteria we used were:
- the recreational nature of a stay in a medium city
- close proximity to the Old Town
- access to the sauna
- spa area
- large rooms.

We made the final decision between The 1231 Hotel**** a Hotel Boulevard****, opting for the latter at the price of 340 PLN per night.

Access was very easy (of course we had navigation, but we know that they are not always good at addresses).

We left the car in front of the hotel in the parking lot (paid 20 or 30 PLN per night), and after obtaining two electronic keys we went to the glass elevator and to the rooms on the first floor.

Inside it was clean, very clean, the room was spacious, with a desk, table and chairs, and a minibar.

The bathroom is also very spacious, giving the impression of sterile clean.

Hotel Bulwar Toruń bathroom

After an evening walk in the lobby bar, we received 2 wine glasses and a corkscrew (which broke, fortunately when we opened the wine), which we took with us to the room.

Breakfast hotel - by far the best I have eaten so far.
A huge selection of hot and cold dishes, certainly not just standard sausages, scrambled eggs and cereals, and a cold plate with bread.

In addition, very nice and professional service in both the hotel and restaurant.
I can't wait to get back there for the next weekend.

Our grade in its class: 5 / 5 blankets!


and finally I recommend a delicious sushi a few minutes on foot from the hotel

Delicious Toruń sushi


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  • 13.01.2019

    Quite a nice hotel, it's good to know that they have parking, hotels in Torun especially in the center have a problem with it (in fact what city does not have;)) The price is also affordable. I like Toruń, next time I will look at the offer 🙂

  • 04.08.2013

    Great hotel. from Tri-City to Toruń is such a great connection now, it's a shame to say that I've never been. It's probably time to change it :)

  • 11.06.2013

    I've never been to Toruń ...

  • 01.04.2013

    nice there; p

  • 05.03.2013

    I like Sushi 😛 🙂 the most