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Do you dream of a universal coat that will be the perfect complement to your spring stylizations? Bet on a trench coat!


When choosing your perfect trench coat remember two requirements Your trench coat must:

Match your color type

Do you have a warm or cold type of beauty? I am a typical winter. How do I know that? When I look at my wrists, the veins running directly under the skin are bluish in color, if yours also will do well in cool shades, and if their color is greenish your color type is warm. Therefore, this should also be the shade of your trench coat.

Make up your body type

This is a longer topic, but remember that you must always strive to ensure that your figure is in balance, that is, your shoulders should have hip width.


So if you are wider at the hips than at the shoulders, choose a coat from epaulettes or wide collar, preferably double-breastedthat will visually widen you at the top, bringing your balance back to your figure.


If it in your arms your silhouette is the widest and shape resembles an inverted triangle - put on a coat single-breasted or without buttonsbut with a flared bottom or even a peplum.


If your figure is a classic hourglass, just don't break it and choose a coat that will emphasize the perfect proportions.

And the length?


Think about what skirts and dresses you wear most often - the perfect trench coat should not be shorter than 1-2 centimeters from them.


And before you go shopping, I have prepared for you a small overview of what you can find in popular stores.


Button-free trench coat

TRENCZ ideal for spring

Zalando VILA, | Zalando mint & berry | H&M | H&M | Zalando WALLIS | MANGO
MANGO | Zalando mint & berry | Mango | Zalando Vero Moda | Mango | H&M

Double-breasted trench coats

fashion blog trench coat

Mango | H&M | Zalando mint & berry | Zalando New Look | ZARA


And you already have your perfect trench coat? I definitely have to go shopping!

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  • Hania

    Fantastic these your tips! It never occurred to me to fit a trench coat to a figure, I somehow got rid of myself that the trench coat must be two-row, which unfortunately but still widens me.