September 9-14, 2013 - 38th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia

Gdynia Film Festival
I wrote about 37 Festival and how much I love Polish cinema last year, I especially recommended "You are God", "Manhunt", "In the dark" or "No shame", a little less "My bike" or "The Secret".

This year, the festival starts a few days before the big event that I organize and ends on its day, but I will probably spend every more or less free moment in the cinema.

I once envied an older sister of her combinatorial entry into the 2 film festival a person on the 1 card of a certain doctor who they never met.

Later, I melted with jealousy reading the festival reviews. Last year I got a pass from a friend and only then I realized that the pass to the Festival of Polish Feature Films can simply be bought in the world. This year I will buy - here. It costs PLN 200 and allows you to watch all films - for those interested, I send a link to of the carnet FAQ.
Festival program:
Bejbi blues
dir. Katarzyna Rosłaniec
Natalia is a seventeen-year-old mother.
Poland 2012 / 105 min.
Ticket to the moon
dir. Jacek Bromski
1969 year.
Poland 2013 / 120 min.
I want to live
dir. Maciej Pieprzyca
Mental retardation? Or just a communication problem? This dilemma weighted on the fate of the main character of the movie "I want to live."
Poland 2013 / 107 min.
traffic police
dir. Wojciech Smarzowski
The story of seven policemen who, apart from work, share friendship, events, sports cars and common interests.
Poland 2013 / 117 min.
Dziewczyna z szafy
dir. Bodo Kox
Tomek suffers from savant syndrome.
Poland 2012 / 88 min.

dir. Paweł Pawlikowski
Anna is a novice, an orphan raised in the order.
Poland 2013 / 80 min.Imagine
dir. Andrzej Jakimowski
Ian, a new spatial orientation instructor, arrives at the ophthalmology clinic in Lisbon.
Poland, France, Portugal, United Kingdom 2012 / 105 min.Love
dir. Sławomir Fabicki
The marriage of thirty-year-olds seems to lack nothing to be happy.
Poland 2012 / 105 min.

dir. Jacek Borcuch
The emotional love story of two students who met in sunny Spain.
Poland, Spain 2012 / 93 min.Last floor
dir. Tadeusz Król
A small town.
Poland 2013 / 84 min.Papusza
dir. Joanna Kos-Krauze, Krzysztof Krauze
The dramatic story of the first gypsy poet based on facts.
Poland 2013 / 134 min.

Flowing skyscrapers
dir. Tomasz Wasilewski
Kuba studies at the University of Physical Education, he lives with his mother and Sylwia, the girl he loves.
Poland 2013 / 93 min.

Closed system
dir. Ryszard Bugajski
Three Polish entrepreneurs are unlawfully deprived of assets and professional work as a result of dishonest activities of the tax authorities and the judiciary.
Poland 2013 / 119 min.

In the name of…
dir. Małgośka Szumowska
Father Adam takes a small parish in the middle of the wilderness.
Poland 2013 / 101 min.

I can not wait!
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  • 18.08.2013

    Which ones are worth seeing?

  • 16.08.2013

    actually cool movies will be 🙂

  • 16.08.2013

    I am absolutely delighted with this year's poster graphics !!

  • 16.08.2013

    Cool thing.
    Once I was at the Lubuskie film summer, I remember it pleasantly.