Double photo session for Mother's Day

baby photography mother's day
The first Mother's Day with Mikołaj in her arms was very reflective, which I wrote to you about herebut of course it was also a fantastic opportunity to continue learning photography. This time I decided to deal with the subject together with my friend Justyna, who recently also decided to start her own blog. This session turned out to be a challenge, because this time we were to stand in front of the objectives together with our two children.

We waited many months for it, because we are separated by almost 9000 km and a 7-hour time difference. Fortunately, we have phones and various useful applications such as Whatsapp, Skype and Fb, thanks to which we are in constant contact. We thought we were perfectly prepared for the task. There was a plan and a lot of time to implement it. Justyna also participates in a photography course, just like I regularly photograph my daughter Celina, so we felt doomed to success. We knew that sometimes it was difficult to control one baby, but the two of us, having a few hours at our disposal, were sure that everything would go smoothly. It turned out, however, that taking photos of two 8 and 9-month-old babies at the same time is not twice, but 10 times more difficult! A great science behind us and a very nice souvenir.

And these are our beautiful friends:

2015-05-23-session-Mothers-Day-of-Celinka- (193) -PS
2015-05-23-session-Mothers-Day-of-Celinka- (238) -PS
2015-05-23-session-Mothers-Day-of-Celinka- (262) -PSHow do you like it?
We draw conclusions and we are already preparing for the next joint session.
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  • danuta

    Beautiful mothers and beautiful babies;

  • 05.06.2015

    beautiful pictures 🙂

  • 30.05.2015

    Mega beautiful photos, mega beautiful (and you can see happy women) and mega wonderful children :) I also ask for such beautiful photos one day… maybe when I have a baby you will do it to me :))