Colorful self-adhesive labels, i.e. a recipe for organizing an office - DIY or do it yourself

Almost all of us have binders, boxes and other storage containers in our workplace. The key to good organization is, of course, good material segregation and description, and self-adhesive labels are perfect for that. In addition, why not design them yourself to emphasize the character of our interior?

During furnishing the offices I showed you last month, I decided to give my binders the right character.
So I prepared self-adhesive labels in the colors of my company.

What did i need

- self-adhesive labels - I decided to get 10 labels on an A4 sheet, which can be bought at a stationery store
- computer graphics program, e.g. free GIMP or ordinary writing program like Word or its free counterpart Libre Office
- printers

1. In a graphic program or in plain Word or its free equivalent like Libre Office, divide the A4 sheet into 10 equal fields - you will create the borders of the sticky notes (in the program for writing it will be easiest if you create a table)

2. From the site with free graphics download the frame of your choice
3. In each of the 10 rectangles, corresponding to the adhesive label, paste the image of the frame, and in the center enter the text that you will print as a ready label

4. Print, stick and it's ready!

organization of a printable office for printing
office organization


I like them very much, and you?

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