Colorful self-adhesive labels, i.e. a recipe for organizing an office - DIY or do it yourself

Almost all of us have binders, boxes and other storage containers in our workplace. The key to good organization is, of course, good material segregation and description, and self-adhesive labels are perfect for that. In addition, why not design them yourself to emphasize the character of our interior?

During furnishing the offices I showed you last month, I decided to give my binders the right character.
So I prepared self-adhesive labels in the colors of my company.

What did i need

- self-adhesive labels - I decided to get 10 labels on an A4 sheet, which can be bought at a stationery store
- computer graphics program, e.g. free GIMP or ordinary writing program like Word or its free counterpart Libre Office
- printers

1. In a graphic program or in plain Word or its free equivalent like Libre Office, divide the A4 sheet into 10 equal fields - you will create the borders of the sticky notes (in the program for writing it will be easiest if you create a table)

2. From the site with free graphics download the frame of your choice
3. In each of the 10 rectangles, corresponding to the adhesive label, paste the image of the frame, and in the center enter the text that you will print as a ready label

4. Print, stick and it's ready!

organization of a printable office for printing
office organization


I like them very much, and you?

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  • Polinal

    I like it too! A small thing that significantly improves the organization of the office.

  • 12.03.2019

    great, I have to try and embrace a brothel on my desk this way 😛

  • justyna

    In connection with holidays and so-called orders, I go to the gods ... I think about golden details ;-) for chocolate and caramel?

    • 02.12.2015

      I love golden additions, it's good that you contrast them, which will highlight their color, so that they do not disappear against the background of chocolate and caramel 🙂

  • 30.07.2015

    You have a beautiful office! I guess I have to make small changes in my 🙂 Oh, you're inspiring !!!! Kisses :*

  • 11.12.2013

    but chad :) I am doing such an organization today :) I really mega blog :)

  • 10.06.2013

    excellently! you created an amazing atmosphere in your office 🙂
    I also really like to keep everything organized and in its place 🙂

  • 07.06.2013

    Great idea, at least you know where what is and you do not need to look for anything 🙂
    Best regards on the weekend

  • 06.06.2013

    great, such a dot above i. I would have a problem already at the stage of dividing the card into fields, which is why I admire the effect even more 🙂

  • 06.06.2013

    what a great idea! 😀

  • 06.06.2013

    I don't have an office but I dream about it. Beautifully decorated. Tastefully and with taste.

  • 05.06.2013

    I don't have an office, and I just dream of ordering my home papers 😉 but maybe there will be some motivation 🙂

    The frames are amazing and not only for this type of "work", they will be useful for decorating photos.

    Thank you 😀

  • 05.06.2013

    For me Bomb !!!

  • 04.06.2013

    It looks cool. : ) A good idea. ; )

  • 04.06.2013

    Super easy :)

  • 04.06.2013

    wonderful blog, I just watched from A to Z 🙂 I think I will be a frequent guest here :)

  • 04.06.2013

    I dream of a home office, once I have a shelf, it will be so orderly 🙂 because so far the papers are flying ...

  • 04.06.2013

    Full professor! 🙂 and in addition so romantic and stylish :-) Regards

  • 04.06.2013

    Great . You can at least see what where 😀 is

  • 04.06.2013

    Me too ! 🙂

  • 04.06.2013

    looks great 🙂

  • 04.06.2013

    nice fun with these labels. Although I only once produced and in small quantities but they look nice.

  • 04.06.2013

    great idea and brilliant blog. I am very sorry that I was late for a cup hand, because I was just speechless at the sight of these beauties 🙂
    Best regards Karolina 🙂

  • 04.06.2013

    it looks great and makes daily work much easier 🙂