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The list of preservatives, emulsifiers and strong surface-active substances and other PEGs written on the packaging of cosmetics in the form of mysterious words is usually far too long, so I will tell you what to start with for the health of your child's skin.

1. Wet tissues

You can wash the floor with them, wash the table and whatever you want, but you don't really need them for everyday baby washing and changing (unless it's for big events). Unfortunately, about 95% of wipes available on the market are not worth our purchases, they contain too much harmful chemicals. Ideally you can replace them with a bottle of water and cotton balls. To the mouth, to the bottom, to everything. Fresh and healthy.

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2. Bath foam and hair shampoo

If you have a newborn at home or a baby of several months, clean water is enough to clean. It took me a long time to find out that it really was enough, and Dzidziuś smelled fresh like never before. No noł mor tirs, no sodium laureth sulfate, you don't need any of these things.

Of course, I am not talking about older children who already touch everything and everywhere, play in the sand, just get dirty, but here it is also worth choosing the most delicate cosmetics, checking their composition yourself, and not trusting advertising, received samples and smiling babies on TV whether on the packaging.

3. Body lotion and body oil

If you do not put detergent in the bath or use the most delicate one, you will not wash the best, natural hydrolipid barrier from the baby's skin, so you will not have to supplement it. The skin will be healthy, oily and balanced. Just! Nature really knows what to do. For centuries.

What's more, if you unnecessarily lubricate or moisturize your Newborn's skin from birth, you will send it a message - you don't have to take care of yourself, you don't have to lubricate and moisturize yourself, because you get it from the outside. And our skin, like the rest of the body, likes to be lazy.

So remember that you do not need to moisturize, embalming, moisturizing the skin of a healthy child. Just.

And if your baby's skin turns out to be troublesome, reach for e.g. coconut oil, preferably unrefined, cold pressed - the same that should be found in every kitchen. You don't have coconut - try linseed (we eat it every day to strengthen the body).

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And finally, golden advice: you don't have to agree to having a baby after a birth in hospital, just say you don't want to take a bath, even when nobody asks. Natural fetal ointment (however terrible it sounds), which is on the skin of such a Newborn baby is the most valuable thing you can give his skin. It is enough to spread it gently all evening around the body, and only after a week or two start to bathe the baby in clean water.


Am i crazy Probably not. My travel list was quite long also in the subject of cosmetics, but my baby had the most beautiful skin when I stopped spending money on all these unnecessary chemicals. The wonderful Doctor advised me, when using the best cosmetics on the market we still had dry skin. Even atopic. And you know what? I was afraid to put it all down. I was afraid that I would harm the child by giving up all these BABY cosmetics. So I put it down gradually, first every third bath I washed with clean water, then every second, until I dared to put everything on amen (only lubricate dryness until they disappear) and with time the skin returned to balance.


If I can have a second Child someday, I will simply try to avoid this imbalance too quickly, which I wish to all Children.

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  • Mirka

    A very useful text! I have often seen mothers using wet wipes until I wanted to draw attention ... On the other hand, nobody is aware of the importance of navel pads, which must heal after giving birth. I am waiting for the next posts, I will definitely check back here more! 😉

  • Małgosia

    And what if I would like to give my child a Shantala massage every day. For such a massage you need olive oil and preferably a bath first. Although theoretically I can let go and actually bathe once a week, it's difficult not to use olive for massage: - On the other hand, apply another layer of olive without washing the previous one, it doesn't suit me a bit. Any advice?

    • Małgosia

      Oh, I bought an olive from Derma Baby - a Danish company with numerous Bio certificates 😉

  • yawl

    I am completing the layette for my son, so the topic is very timely 🙂 Although I have almost everything, I was also thinking about wet bono handkerchiefs. I pay special attention to baby care cosmetics. Now there is so much of it and in addition with parabens. Recently I came across eeny meeny anyone know this brand?

  • 25.11.2018

    I have to admit that I use wet handkerchiefs only for exits. On a daily basis at home, I have warm water and larger swabs to wipe my ass, I think it is ecologically, and besides, these wipes are forever cold ... Regarding the lotion for irritation, I also have my natural favorite, it always improves baby's skin quickly, I I don't have to worry about any abrasions and chafing 🙂

  • Gabryśka

    I have two children and the cosmetics of Johnsons Baby worked well with both, especially the body and hair lotions, which did not irritate the eyes - thanks to which we avoided pinching and crying;) In addition, the skin after the bath was always fragrant and soft, we loved to hug and kiss :) Now big kids, but we still use Johnsons Baby only for older kids :)

  • Magda Trolińska

    I am using the Bebble body cream because the little one has dry skin, I don't know because of water, but the cream is completely paraben-free - from the pharmacy

  • Paulina Mykacz

    For my allergic baby, cosmetics that will not sensitize or irritate my son's skin were quite important, the offer on the market is rich, but we had a lot to go through with pseudo-natural cosmetics for newborns ... Our Stasiek is already four months old, but we still use ecopyramide cosmetics that saved our lives from the very beginning after a few unpleasant experiences with famous top brands in the childcare market. Here: no allergies, no chafing etc. We are very much like that and thank our doctor for recommending this shop.

  • Ewelina

    All tips in each post were very helpful. One note: "really" - you must write together for sure, and "sure" - you really write separately ... 🙂

    • 23.02.2017

      That's right 😉
      I couldn't remember it until my friend came up with the rule for me:
      - in English, "really" is one word and in Polish, "really" is one word
      - in English "for sure" is 2 words and in Polish "for sure" is two words
      Now I hope I will watch over pil


    noł mor tirs <3 it's fantastic that you wrote about not washing babies after giving birth. I've been hearing and reading more and more about it lately, and I really like the idea. I also read about putting a baby on the mother's belly, just like that in the goo, without any rubbing.

    • 09.05.2016

      We missed this moment at the cesarean, I got the baby only after the surgery in the postpartum room, but a naked woman in a diaper for many hours… I couldn't get over it. On the other hand, if I had not fought for mute, they would certainly have washed him in bulk like all other children, because somehow in hospitals it is probably the least talked about 😉

  • Adam Kozera

    We also try to use a small amount of cosmetics for the child. The absolute basis is Nivea cream, it is useful on kayaks when it is cooler (yes, the young one goes kayaking with us, but not on every river - e.g. Pilica is safe)

  • corby286

    My son turned 5 in December, so theoretically we have the topic of baby care behind us, but as I remember today in autumn 2010, when the midwife said during classes at the birth school: "We bathe the newborn when it starts to stink, and we use as little cosmetics as possible", and seeing big eyes of people in the room added: "If the issue of bathing once a week scares you, just limit the use of cosmetics to a minimum, e.g. once a week, and everyday slippers briefly using pure water" ... I listened :)) I bathed F every day, because it calmed him down before going to sleep, but the only cosmetic I used (once a week or less) was bubble bath. I haven't bought a single olive, lotion, etc. During the patronage visit, the midwife was delighted with the condition of my son's skin - she even suspected me of using emollients. What was her surprise when she heard the prescription for a healthy skin condition of an infant. In a month, the second childbirth - I would rather not spend a fortune on cosmetics :)) I will buy a beautiful blanket instead ...

    • 29.03.2016

      Such midwives are a treasure, unfortunately, most birthing schools are surrounded by questionable quality samples of cosmetics for children, which are recommended to be used by parents from the first day of life. And your cosmetic plan is worth recommending to everyone 🙂

  • 29.02.2016

    A fairly innovative approach for our time, but I like it! I think I'll follow in your footsteps 🙂

    • 29.03.2016

      thank you 🙂 really innovative, many people still look at us as a natural curiosity, but we know that it's worth it 🙂

  • Kasia

    Great post! I thought I was a nasty mother because I didn't spend a fortune on cosmetics for kids. From the very beginning, water, cotton balls, and Bambino soap. I did not smear my bum with anything - airing it and changing it frequently is enough. In crisis, CICA plast B5 La Roche-Posay. Minimum quantities - the first one was enough for me for a year ...

    • 29.03.2016

      The best 🙂 I already had serious doubts, as every doctor was looking at me, so I stopped sharing my ways with them, still doing my job and we are all happy 🙂

  • PeugeotCikowa

    Many people praise my son's skin, and the best part is that I do not use any emolium, just plain baby bath gel plus lotion. But the best part is that the son has a bath twice a week

    • 29.03.2016

      we don't have a bath every day, we don't see such a need, unless it's fun 😉

  • 26.02.2016

    our Maja was born a little earlier than planned, she was all white with goo - I was terrified and the midwife (a great grandmother by the way) calmed me down and said that for now it has to be absorbed and we are not taking a bath 😉
    Unfortunately, despite this, Maja has AD, so daily moisturizing is the basis, but the skin of a small atopica is not the same as the skin of a healthy child 😉

    • 26.02.2016

      Great midwife's advice! We also had AD, for several months. Emollients, prescription ointments, it's all behind us. Gradually, I put everything off under the supervision of a pediatrician, who also specializes in natural medicine - I found him in Warsaw, and I'm in Gdynia. We put off emollients first, then other ointments, leaving a vitamin ointment based on eucerin. Additionally, when choosing emollients, I recommend the website: - as I read what is in the composition of the most popular products - I got rid of them all and bought the one that is the least harmful, in the end it is still on the shelf today. Unfortunately, the emollients so recommended, even imposed by doctors, have so strong detergents that they damage the hydrolipid layer, and then mask it with the emollient. When you put them aside, these microdamages remain, there is no hydration and it seems that you cannot move without them.
      We have succeeded, which I wish you.

  • 26.02.2016

    Wet wipes absolutely unnecessary! Shampoo and body lotion as well. I only use olive oil for massage. I would also add a cream for nappy rash - with proper care, it can be practically avoided, we have diarrhea. Then I tried all the creams I had (hospital sudocre samples, non-party, hippa, linomag ...) and they did not help. But airing the bottom and filling with potato flour after the first time gave the effect ;-).

    • 29.03.2016

      cool! Unfortunately, I do not know the nappy rash cream, which I can recommend with a clear conscience, although I tried a few, so I skipped this point, I still have mixed feelings about the ubiquitous zinc ...