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The list of preservatives, emulsifiers and strong surface-active substances and other PEGs written on the packaging of cosmetics in the form of mysterious words is usually far too long, so I will tell you what to start with for the health of your child's skin.

1. Wet tissues

You can wash the floor with them, wash the table and whatever you want, but you don't really need them for everyday baby washing and changing (unless it's for big events). Unfortunately, about 95% of wipes available on the market are not worth our purchases, they contain too much harmful chemicals. Ideally you can replace them with a bottle of water and cotton balls. To the mouth, to the bottom, to everything. Fresh and healthy.

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2. Bath foam and hair shampoo

If you have a newborn at home or a baby of several months, clean water is enough to clean. It took me a long time to find out that it really was enough, and Dzidziuś smelled fresh like never before. No noł mor tirs, no sodium laureth sulfate, you don't need any of these things.

Of course, I am not talking about older children who already touch everything and everywhere, play in the sand, just get dirty, but here it is also worth choosing the most delicate cosmetics, checking their composition yourself, and not trusting advertising, received samples and smiling babies on TV whether on the packaging.

3. Body lotion and body oil

If you do not put detergent in the bath or use the most delicate one, you will not wash the best, natural hydrolipid barrier from the baby's skin, so you will not have to supplement it. The skin will be healthy, oily and balanced. Just! Nature really knows what to do. For centuries.

What's more, if you unnecessarily lubricate or moisturize your Newborn's skin from birth, you will send it a message - you don't have to take care of yourself, you don't have to lubricate and moisturize yourself, because you get it from the outside. And our skin, like the rest of the body, likes to be lazy.

So remember that you do not need to moisturize, embalming, moisturizing the skin of a healthy child. Just.

And if your baby's skin turns out to be troublesome, reach for e.g. coconut oil, preferably unrefined, cold pressed - the same that should be found in every kitchen. You don't have coconut - try linseed (we eat it every day to strengthen the body).

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And finally, golden advice: you don't have to agree to having a baby after a birth in hospital, just say you don't want to take a bath, even when nobody asks. Natural fetal ointment (however terrible it sounds), which is on the skin of such a Newborn baby is the most valuable thing you can give his skin. It is enough to spread it gently all evening around the body, and only after a week or two start to bathe the baby in clean water.


Am i crazy Probably not. My travel list was quite long also in the subject of cosmetics, but my baby had the most beautiful skin when I stopped spending money on all these unnecessary chemicals. The wonderful Doctor advised me, when using the best cosmetics on the market we still had dry skin. Even atopic. And you know what? I was afraid to put it all down. I was afraid that I would harm the child by giving up all these BABY cosmetics. So I put it down gradually, first every third bath I washed with clean water, then every second, until I dared to put everything on amen (only lubricate dryness until they disappear) and with time the skin returned to balance.


If I can have a second Child someday, I will simply try to avoid this imbalance too quickly, which I wish to all Children.

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