My Home Office

home office

I work a lot at home, not only because I have to, but it's just easier for me to turn off here, focus, write, invent.

As soon as we moved in, we created the so-called work room. There is only one problem - I don't like working in it. I thought it was the desks that were to blame, that we were sitting too close, we bought another bookcase and disconnected the structure of two desks and a bookcase. Did not help. So I flew with my desk-bookcase around the room, but I was nowhere comfortable. Finally, I ended up with my laptop on my lap wherever I could, and my desk became a collection of all things that were not needed elsewhere.

I decided to try again - to like this place.
Today I would like the desk and the bookcase to be white, they are not - but I bought white accessories and frames, inserted newspaper clippings in my favorite climates and colors into them, turned off the shelves, added a stylish desk lamp and here I am.





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