My Home Office

home office

I work a lot at home, not only because I have to, but it's just easier for me to turn off here, focus, write, invent.

As soon as we moved in, we created the so-called work room. There is only one problem - I don't like working in it. I thought it was the desks that were to blame, that we were sitting too close, we bought another bookcase and disconnected the structure of two desks and a bookcase. Did not help. So I flew with my desk-bookcase around the room, but I was nowhere comfortable. Finally, I ended up with my laptop on my lap wherever I could, and my desk became a collection of all things that were not needed elsewhere.

I decided to try again - to like this place.
Today I would like the desk and the bookcase to be white, they are not - but I bought white accessories and frames, inserted newspaper clippings in my favorite climates and colors into them, turned off the shelves, added a stylish desk lamp and here I am.





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  • 02.11.2018

    The place where we work is important, we must feel good in it and be able to focus. As with children, too many distractions are distracted and you can't focus. Personally, I also put white and subdued additions.

  • 28.09.2018

    Until I felt like organizing my office. For now, this is the kitchen table with a stack of papers and a laptop.

  • 27.11.2012

    And it's very nice and cozy. There does not have to be white furniture for the climate to prevail. All these additions made it delightful. greetings

  • 24.08.2012

    you have a taste very similar to mine 😉
    I love the decor in white 🙂

    I am adding a blog to my followers and I invite you to follow my blog

    Regards 😉

  • 28.07.2012

    Your home office is awesome! I seriously wish I had an office all to myself. I love how clean yours is 🙂

  • 27.06.2012

    I will tell you that I like your corner very much. You have added bright additions and it looks great.
    PS We can't always have what we want, it's good to have good ideas 🙂 In your case, a cool idea :))
    Aaaaa I forgot ... I really like the lamp !!

  • 23.06.2012

    I have a desk, but I never use it;) I always work with a laptop on my lap while sitting on the sofa;)

  • 22.06.2012

    we also have such a desk set - I have an IT husband 🙂 only the set is clear. it's very nice for you :) and you can always paint it white 🙂