A essay with negative thoughts

how to deal with negative thoughts

I dare to risk saying that each of us sometimes has the so-called worse days. Such, when we see everything in gray colors, when we lack motivation and everything seems to overwhelm us.

Since I had to fight with these not the best moments, I decided to share with you my proven ways to return to mental form.
Free yourself from the vicious circle of negative thoughts!

And I do not mean sweeping problems or unpleasant thoughts under the rug. Simply put, when we are in the center of the spiral of negative thoughts, the image we see is narrowed and it is hard for us to look at everything from a wider = better perspective. Negative thoughts give us unpleasant feelings that intensify negative thoughts over and over again.

How to break free from the spiral of negative thoughts?

For some it may be helpful to run around the block or other physical effort (unfortunately I do not belong to this group), for others ironing can effectively break free from torture, for me it is best to check or read.

No matter how - the most important thing is to break away from your own spiral for a moment. And when you do it, I recommend you two exercises that 99% - as long as you do them - will improve your mood, and the motivation itself will start to appear on the horizon.

10 things you are grateful for

It is worth (in writing) to create a list of at least 10 items for which at the moment you are grateful. Today my list looks like this:

I am grateful that (in a completely non-binding order):

1. My relatives and I are healthy (on a macro scale, but it is also very much)
2. I have a wonderful husband who is with me for better and for worse - I checked! (Thank you darling)
2. I have a "house" (and it is not a building)
3. I have a camera that can take beautiful photos
4. I have a cat who loves to hug me and purrs so wonderfully
5. I have a job that I like and that can give me great satisfaction
6. I have a nice office (it wasn't always like that)
7. I have free time to work on myself and write a blog (how often do I miss it!)
8. I have a few wonderful people in my family and a few friends whom I can count on, even in the most difficult moments
9. I could buy these gray curtains for a large room - I was waiting for this mini color metamorphosis so much
10. I sit in bed, with my laptop in my lap, sipping cupcake-flavored tea

And how can you say that life is hopeless after writing such a list? You can't!

Personally, after such a dose of positive energy, I am able to take a closer look at the problems that bother me most and deal with them.

(And it's a good idea to carry the list with you and pull yourself like an ace out of your sleeve when poisonous thoughts make themselves felt.)

Deal with negative thoughts

How can you go about it?

First, write on your paper the most troubling problems.
Secondly, analyze them in terms of whether they are based on facts or only on your suppositions.

A dissertation with an example of a problem written on a piece of paper:


The client does not reply to my e-mail with the project, she has certainly found another designer who will reveal my ideas and implement them without my participation.


By thinking this way, you definitely feel cheated, you lose the motivation to work.


The only fact in the above sentence is that so far the client has not replied.
All the rest, which is the worst black vision, are just fingerprints. Once you know this, you can go ahead and correct your thinking

New thought:

The client does not reply to my project email. For sure, there is a reason (even as prosaic as the lack of time) if he does not write back in the next 2 days I will call and find out why.

New feelings:

You will definitely feel much better and use the positive energy in the implementation of subsequent projects.

And let's not play fairy, let's remember that:

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And how is it with you? Will you agree with my statement that everyone has bad days?

If so, what are your proven ways to fight these "grays"?

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