Personalized bracelets and favorite watches ...

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My love for handmade, personalized accessories just started with Lilou - I love these pendants, colorful strings and engravings ...
I love items that can be personalized.
Additionally, I have an excuse to wear a red string - apparently it scares away bad energies, and it certainly won't hurt.

And the watches?
I like this Timex so much that I have 2 pieces - in two versions - gold and silver-pink ...


And you? Do you like personalized accessories? Maybe you recommend something to me?
Have a nice Thursday 🙂
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  • Kamila

    Very nice this pink in my collection I have a similar one, But now I fell in love with skagen watches and especially with the Skagen SKW2732 model and I wonder if I should not buy it for good behavior 😉 I have not made any present for a long time.

  • 17.10.2018

    I like Benyar

  • 11.07.2013

    oh I love Lilou .. unfortunately I don't have any bracelets from this company, but it's worth dreaming 🙂

  • 09.04.2013

    A very nice watch :))) I like watches very much! I wear them separately or in combination with bracelets :)
    a pleasant afternoon:)

  • 09.04.2013

    Lovely pastel colors :)

  • 08.04.2013

    I fell in love with your watch! Where can I find one?

    As for Lilou, I have one, I got it as a gift and I wear it all the time, because it is special for me, this engraving and all 🙂

    When more photos from the office? 🙂

  • 06.04.2013

    I also love Lilou, now I have my two - if I could, I would like to have them all 🙂

  • 05.04.2013

    I love!!

  • 05.04.2013

    I am a lilou fan, I have their 5, each different and important to me.
    Yours are very nice and I would steal my watch.
    I greet warmly:)

  • 04.04.2013

    I like the watch very much, the magic of Lilou does not work on my bracelet by By Dziubeki 🙂
    I invite you to the competition

  • 04.04.2013

    Pendants do not appeal to me, but I like the watch very much! I used to make various bracelets myself, but somehow I quickly felt like it and just stopped wearing such things.