Tubądzin Blog Day and ... announcing great changes in our lives

We were very happy to be invited to Tubadzin Blog Day 2019 - firstly, because we love beautiful interiors that can be conjured up with their help, secondly because we could meet friends from the blogosphere and spend 24 hours together, and thirdly - because it is fantastic preview of a huge change in our lives!


First things first. Be sure to stay with me until the end of the post, where you will see what is going on in our lives.


Opening of the Tubądzin Factory in Sieradz was a great opportunity to organize Tubądzin Blog Day 2019 right there - and there is a lot to be proud of!


The whole factory with an impressive and inspirational showroom was built in 9 months! The brilliant project that was created for one and a half years and is the best proof that a good plan is the basis contributed to this.



How are Tubądzin tiles made?

I have some interesting facts for you!


In what size can the tile be produced?

The tiles are produced in various sizes, as standard from tiny mosaics for large plates 120 x 240 cm - and in fact the factory is technologically ready to produce them even larger! Of course, I already dream of such a tile in the shower - no more struggling with limescale on the joints!



What are tiles made of?



The plates are made of a mix natural resources: plastic - such as clay i kaolin and hard such as sands i feldspars. It was amazing to hear funny stories about what you can find in the supply of raw materials.



The ingredients are properly dosed and ground until the form of a funnel, from which the granules are formed, from which the tiles are formed. Then the liquid is dried and stored in silos in the form of uniform granules and colored mixtures, from where it is sent to a production line that is the most modern in this part of Europe.



How does tile production start?


Mixes in the form of a loose pattern or a clean pressed base are rolled and cut to size. After leaving the press, the tiles are still very brittle - you can crush them in your hand - and then go through a series of processes - depending on what the end product is to be.




How are patterns created on Tubądzin tiles?


The patterns on the tiles are designed first and then printed on the glass line - on the most modern in the world printer with 224 headsthat prints both patterns and special effects - I couldn't take a picture of her settings, because it's top secret data, so you have to believe me - it looks very impressive!




How are Tubądzin plates baked?

The plates are baked in one of  the longest furnaces in Poland - in a roller furnace - is over 147 meters!! - thanks to which the temperature in the furnace rises in a very controlled way from 40 to 1 degrees Celsius - this is how chemical bonds are created and fully natural stoneware is created. There are no artificial ingredients in the tiles - they would be damaged in this production process. You do not have to worry whether Tubądzin tiles are suitable, for example, for a fireplace and will not crack due to the heat generated - of course they do not crack, they are used to much higher temperatures.




After firing, the gres are transported to polishing line and rectification, i.e. cutting to the right size, thanks to which they also have even edges.


Polishing the tiles allows for different effects, and for polishing such funny paws with stones are used. Polishing takes place in a closed water circuit, thanks to which the factory saves 40 times more water annually than it could holdas if it were all filled with it. It also has its own water treatment plant - very impressive!




This is the last stage - you just need to check the dimensions and surfaces of the tiles, as well as their shade.



Finished products of the highest quality they go to cartons and crates and are sent to stores and customers.



It was also a huge surprise meeting with owners of the Tubądzin brand and listening to the story of the first factory and the first boards that went on sale. Such stories are always a great motivation for me - when looking at big companies, we often forget that everyone started at some point.




And now the best - a movie from the whole event with the promised surprise at the end.


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