What about immunity?

what about immunity

What about immunity? - this is a question that every mother of a preschooler and elder asks on the Internet 😉 Today I will tell you about what helps us support our immunity every day.


How do we support our immunity? First of all, the classic is that we do it in the fall complete morphology. We always mean too vitamin D3 levelsbecause we want to choose supplementation in the right way, of course with the help of a doctor, and not make predictions from the cards 😉



What about immunity?



Vitamin D3 and K2



Based on the results of the research we do once or twice a year, together with our pediatrician, we select the right amount of vitamin D3 and K2, which our kids supplement every day, lower doses in summer, and higher doses in winter - we choose the preparation in drops to make it easy to administer (I hate twist-off capsules, I always get dirty and I have the impression that I am wasting it) - at the moment we use Dr. Jacob's Vitamin D3K2.



Vitamin C

The second thing we take every day is vitamin C - this is also what we arrange with our pediatrician.

We take it in the form of a water-soluble powder - now we have it this vitamin C.. The children are already so used to it that they treat drinking water with vitamin C. as a fixed point of the day. If it would be too sour for children, you can also choose Vitamin C for sucking with flavorings. When choosing vitamin C, I always try to look for one that does not contain magnesium stearate (or magnesium salts of fatty acids), a chemical found in most supplements that our body cannot digest.



Bio hemp syrup


The third thing is bio hemp syrup, which our children drink with water as a drink. Hemp syrup perfectly strengthens the body, supplementing it with a number of nutritional values. We also often use it from hemp syrup with sea buckthornbecause sea buckthorn has a much higher concentration of vitamin C than oranges and as much as 3 times more vitamin A than, for example, carrots. So we have sweet juice and a 2-in-1 portion of health.



The juice from the Black Elderberry


Our children throughout the winter, in addition to water with vitamin C and hemp syrup, also drink elderberry juice - every day in the morning on a teaspoonand a second spoon during the day in the form water with elderberry juice, or as addition to porridge, spelled porridge or pudding.


Our Nanny, whose husband goes to his proven places (away from the roads) every year, has infected us and our children with the love for elderberry and picks the elderberry. Later, our Aunt uses the fruit to make syrups, which our children love. Since Mikołaj was one year old, Maks was even less - always they eat porridge with elderberry syrup (wait until it cools down and add syrup to taste), and in case of illness or a cold, we serve it more often for drinking.


Our children drink a lot of water, but I sometimes add elderberry juice to it, so they drink it in the form of a slightly fruity drink. This is a great way to Elderberry juice smuggle into your daily diet.


Of course, our supplies vary each year, sometimes children drink more of this juice, sometimes less, it also depends on the number of colds - then naturally more juice comes out. Elderberry fruits contain, among others compounds with diaphoretic, slightly anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, so this is ideal support for colds and upper respiratory tract infections.


So I was looking for elderberry juice to buy - and found it natural Sambucus Kids syrupwhich is a great substitute for the syrup that Auntie makes for us.



As you know, elderberry juice has a large selection in the market but they often have poor compositionsat the very beginning is shown sugarand the actual content of the extract from elderberry is really poor. As you already know - I always check the composition.


I avoid artificially sweetened syrups and juices e.g. glucose or glucose-fructose syrup. Sambucus Kids is sweetened organic agave syrup, does not contain artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives or flavor enhancers, a instead of juice, it contains elderberry extract.


Sambucus Kids syrup also contains an additive freeze-dried raspberries, thanks to which it has a delicious black beige and raspberry flavor. Samucus Kids syrup is suitable for children from 1 year old.


Hardening the body


I allow my sons walk around the house barefoot, and sometimes get a little cold. To clear up my doubts: no, we don't have underfloor heating, not even in the bathroom 😉


I do not force them to wear gloves when they do not want to, or to wear tights when they say that they are warm (at most I take them to my bag to put them on in the car, however, when it is too cold). I don't put my hat on when it's not necessary (unless it's very windy). I don't really puff and blow on kids - I'd rather be a little cooler than overheat them.


Children also got used to it - often when I feel that the house is cool after a night, I put on a sweater and propose to the children - and they refuse.


I do not bathe my children in too warm water, which I am used to. Their the bath water is warmer than hotto temper them, not overheat and prepare them for lower temperatures.


Immediately after coming home, Mikołaj and Maks take off their shoes and socks, and in kindergarten they do not have slippers - they wear only socks. It is not only healthy and recommended by physiotherapists, but also sensory walking 😉



To sum up: walking barefoot is a privilege in our house all year round!


How do you strengthen your family's resilience?

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