Bedside tables get through the lamp!

night lamps

Two identical lamps for bedside tables have been following me for a long time.
At the moment, there is a beautiful, stained-glass wedding gift on my table, and my husband is content to attach a lamp from IKEA.
white bedroom purple bedding

white bedroom purple bedding

At the beginning I did a little research on the websites of 3 stores: IKEA, BRW and HOME & YOU.
Here are the suggestions I've considered:

bedside lamps IKEA BRW Black Red WHite HOME & YOU
1. HOME & YOU - PLN 299, 2. HOME & YOU - PLN 99, 3. IKEA - PLN 129,99,

4. BRW - 139 PLN, 5. BRW - 109 PLN, 6. BRW - 79,99 PLN

Before buying, I decided to make a small photo montage with lamps closest to my ... wallet, so cheaper than PLN 150 per item.


bedroom bedside lamp silver BRW
purple IKEA bedside lamps
IKEA FORSA night lights
bedside lamps BRW

There was so much to choose from, and finally - see for yourself:






Unfortunately, live lamps from BRW, my favorites PLN 79,99 turned out to be very cheaply made (crooked and glued lampshade, asymmetrical plastic ball - leg ornament, low-quality varnish on the base, crooked lampshade).
So I went to the good old Ikea and chose a boring and safe solution - and I am very happy.
And how do you like it?
Good night!


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  • Ż

    A beautiful bedroom

    • 24.03.2016

      thank you 🙂 today it is completely different, but I have great fondness for this photo 🙂

  • 17.11.2013

    Lovely bedroom :)

  • Anonymous

    and your husband did not hang you? had such a nice reading lamp. after all, these lamps are only able to stand like in the type MM. Can you read in bed with them ????

  • 01.11.2012

    I like it very much:)

  • 15.07.2012

    Very stylish and tidy 🙂 I prefer even more pillows on the bed 🙂

  • 14.07.2012

    : )

  • 27.06.2012

    That's why I love the old IKEE, you can find everything your heart desires there. Even if you don't find it, you can change, rebuild and tadam !!
    The bedroom has a very nice atmosphere 🙂

  • 14.06.2012

    beautiful bedroom :)

  • 14.06.2012

    It all looks beautiful ... and the secretary (dressing table?) Is divine!

  • 13.06.2012

    beautiful with you :-))))

  • 11.06.2012

    These simple lamps fit perfectly here. Beautiful bedroom 🙂

  • mother-in-law

    beautiful lights, and a wonderful cat

  • ew @

    it worked out very well, I like it, but remove the stained glass lamp