Reflectively on Mother's Day

mother's day photography children's family
I never thought being a Mother is so beautiful and so sad, so easy and so difficult, so magical and so ordinary.

Although the paths to parenthood are very different, quite simple and very twisted, fast and those that seem endless, happy and painful, bright or completely unobvious, every mother must go through her one and only, unique. The one that will shape it for life. As a human being and as a mother.
Two days ago, exactly on Mother's Day, my son Mikołaj finished 8 months, which is the biggest reward for me. For courage and fear, for faith and doubt, for life and for death. Every day I thank him that this little and eternally smiling boy chose me as his mother. And God for being successful.
Mother's Day gift
Mother's Day was also a dream opportunity to take another photo session, from which the photo in the header comes, which was attended by special guests. I will tell you the details tomorrow.
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