Office renovation - ideas and inspirations

birch furniture for the IKEA office

This is our third office, the move itself was a "wasted" time in terms of work, so we did not want to risk the renovation for longer breaks.

However, a lot of time has passed and our office still needs to be refreshed.
However, there is a plan - on March 22, 23 and 24 we will "renovate" - in quotation marks, because it sounds very proud, and we only want to refresh the walls, buy additional accessories, etc.

I have always dreamed of white furniture in the office, but unfortunately - I always bought additional pieces of equipment to the ones I already had, which resulted in furniture in the color of imitation birch. So I spent a lot of time on the Internet to find inspiration for offices with birch furniture - unfortunately there are very few of them.
So I switched to looking for interiors with birch furniture in general to get some color inspiration.

Before I started refreshing, I gathered some ideas for a new look for the office.

What do I already have?

Office furniture from Ikea from the EXPEDIT series in the aforementioned birch color:

The boss's desk, my 😉 in the following configuration: 4 × 4 bookcase + perpendicularly attached desk:

3 employee desks in the following configuration:
4 chairs: 1 large (on the left) and 3 smaller with Jysk:

2 armchairs and coffee table:

Storage additions:

Desk accessories: lamps and pen holders:

Gray carpet:

Office plan:




The main colors in the office: pine, white, gray, black

Assumptions: the office is to be feminine, somewhat romantic.
My favorite colors?
pink, violet, gray, I love soft fabrics, glass, silver, flowers - pink peonies are a special feeling for me.
My ideas are as follows:
1. walls:

white color is necessary, I do not want to add an additional color to the walls, I cannot have white furniture, at least let the walls be white 😉 although I do not exclude, for example, one wall in a different color.

My inspirations: &
However, the effect he definitely wants to avoid is this:
2. Furniture
Thanks to the white accessories I have, the pine furniture seems to have a slightly more romantic character, which can be seen in the photos above
3. Additives:
I would like to warm black armchairs with soft and colorful accessories, e.g. cushions in such an atmosphere:
And finally - I love to look at it - it relaxes me incredibly:

Maybe so?


And what ideas do you have for additions?
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