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Holidays with a child are a real challenge, especially when we are preparing for them for the first time. Summer is in full swing, and with it - the holiday season! How to prepare for summer with children? What makes summer heat and holiday trips easier for us?


Although this longer vacation, which was a trip to Rome, we have behind us, behind us and before us still beautiful moments spent in a family circle, on the beach, by the lake, on walks. So that the long time spent in the sun does not bother our children and is not harmful to them, it is worth remembering a few small things, without which alone on a hot day to go out with children I do not leave the house!



1. Sunscreen

Going out into the hot sun, we can not forget about the cream with a high filter. Buying any cosmetic products, especially for children, in addition to my own knowledge, I support the analysis of my Guru in this topic, i.e. Magpies. Here you will find her comparative review on the subject of sunscreen from the pharmacy and I choose one of them regularly for us.


We spent the last two seasons in the sun under the protection of the La Roche-Posay filter, and this year I chose the natural Anthelios DERMO-PEDIATRICS filter. Very high protection SPF 50+ baby spray. At the moment, we are more satisfied with the first one, because it was extremely efficient (the expiry date passed faster than it ended), and the second one leaves such a white film on the skin, which does not necessarily look good - at first, when Wojtek smeared the children, I thought, that they are sick 😉 Fortunately, it promotes health, so I am now calm.



2. Swimwear with UV

Thinking about a UV swimsuit, why do I have suntan oil? I thought so too, until the first holidays with Santa, when it turned out that regular lubrication of the child, spending Christmas day in the pool, sunblock, is a real feat. At that time, a swimsuit with a filter saved us, and we especially appreciated it under the Greek sun.


The swimwear is made of a special material that guarantees UPF 50+ protection for our children's delicate skin. Our boys have after the set: blouse + shorts / panties + cap, and interestingly, panties and shorts have an additional sewn-in lining with a moisture-absorbing insert that does not let the liquid out. Our toddler's skin is therefore protected against the sun, and we - if we do not want to - do not have to put on a diaper.


I always use UV clothing when Mikołaj and Maks sit in the water, because the cream filter, even the waterproof one, must be applied regularly after leaving the water, and what if the children sit in the water almost all day?


I also put on these clothes for children when they don't feel like just filtering themselves, i.e. at a camping in the breakfast season, for example, they always have a choice: clothes or cream with a filter.


Mikołaj and Maks are wearing UV clothing Lassigyou'll find here.



3. BPA-free water bottle

Did you know that the soft plastic bottles in which drinking water is sold are made of polyethylene terephthalate - which is why they get their name - PET. It is a chemical compound which, according to numerous research results, can transfer harmful substances into the water, the more of which are released the higher the temperature the bottles are transported or stored.


BPA, or Bisphenol A, on the other hand, is a very harmful chemical agent used in the production of plastics in order to harden them, i.e. in the production of water bottles.


That's why we try not to buy bottled water in plastic bottles, or let them keep them out in the sun. So we have water bottles for children Lassig BPA free (you'll find them here), and clean water in them, or water with the addition of e.g. lemon juice, oranges or other fruits. But with natural squeezed juice - not sweet syrup. Our children have always been drinking water and there is no problem with that.


It's also great that they have strapwhich I attach to the stroller headband, thanks to which Children have a water bottle at all times. At home I also put them within reach of children so that they can drink at any time. And learning how to drink from a straw was great fun for us.




4. Bamboo nappies / swaddles

They really are multi-tasking! May be blanket, swaddle, cuddly, sheet or towel, and even quilt on a hot night... We have a few of them and we praise them a lot, without them we almost stay home. Ours are Aden + Anais, bought individually or in three packages, Fr. here. Mikołaj has had his triple set of muslin nappies for 4 years, and Maks has the second set of bamboo nappies for a year, and they are indestructible and used every day (Mikołaj will not fall asleep without his "goals" - that's what he calls her and knows exactly which are his and which substitution is not an option).



5. Lodger clips

Universal clips with which we can attach a diaper, toy, blanket or whatever you want to a pram or car seat. The diaper fastened in this way is perfect wind or sun cover while the child is asleep (of course, provide the child with an air supply so that it does not "boil" or suffocate). You will find the clips here.



6. Self-pressed mousses

Since we started to expand Maks's diet, self-made mousses in sachets work well for us, which the set helps us with Fill'n Squeeze. However, not only Maksymilian eats them, but also Mikołaj, who gladly helps with pressing the mousse into sachets. I sometimes take care of preparing and blending food alone, thanks to which I can smuggle fruit or vegetables in the sachet, of which he would certainly not touch them if he knew;), i.e. in the case of Santa all green.


The sachets can be freely frozen, thawed and heated, and after a meal it is enough to wash with water and washing up liquid, therefore I often pack dinners with them when planning a whole day away from home.



7. Waterwipes wet wipes

For the sake of the delicate skin of my sons, I do not use commercially available wet wipes, but only such soaked in clean water. I know perfectly well that plain water will certainly not hurt them, unlike others, often packed with chemicals and preservatives. Apart from water, I believe that any additional measures are really unnecessary. It is also a huge advantage for me - after using them I don't have a handkerchief film on my hands, and the smell that we associate with changing diapers does not accompany me throughout the day and while eating, as long as I wiped my hands through the sandwich with a handkerchief. They are already available even in Rossman, but I usually buy them in multipacks a little cheaper o here.



8. Sunglasses

It is known that when going out to the sun, you probably wear sunglasses to protect the eyes and skin around them. But remember that Your child has even more sensitive eyes than you. You can find sunglasses for the little ones without BPA that provide 100% protection without obscuring their image. Additionally, wearing such glasses is fun for a child - how many times has they taken your glasses and put them on their nose? If she has her own glasses she will feel more adult.


Maks and Mikołaj wear glasses Beaba in two sizes. Te Maks they have a special elastic on the head, thanks to which they do not fall, to buy here.



9. Safety backpack

I chose it for Maks, who is about to start walking. It is tiny and very light, and thanks to a special handle and a leash, it will be extremely useful when learning to walk - we can securely fasten it on the child's back and catch it by the handle or the attached bow depending on the child's height - all this to in case of a trip, don't let the Toddler fall.


He was unexpectedly loved by Mikuś, who has a thousand ideas on the included bow set, for example, he hooks her on a post and he makes a carouseland his joy is endless.


This backpack is also perfect for Mikuś in the holiday crowd of tourists, for example, at the Dominican Fair - I put on the bow from the backpack as an additional protection for my wrist, that we may let go of our hands - when, for example, I pay for ice cream - nthey never got lost in the crowd - we are connected all the time. Our backpack comes in a blaze of colors and designs, and if you already have your favorite, you can buy the safety strap itself, you'll find everything here.




10. Handy first aid kit

Bare knees and elbows in combination with running are conducive to all abrasions. I completed the set of the handy first aid kit in the cosmetic bag myself - there is ppray for disinfection, set of positive slices in Minionki or with Olaf from the Land of Ice and bite ointment.



And you don't leave your home without a child in the summer? Would you add something to my list?


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  • Magda

    Agnieszka, and like the mouthpieces for these reusable tubes - I have a problem with regular biting of the "store" ones and I'm afraid that this mouthpiece will also be massacred.

    • 31.08.2018

      Gosh, nothing like that happened to us, but I don't know if it's because the children don't bite or are durable, because I rarely buy stores and even if I didn't notice bites.

  • Magda K.

    What does it mean that they drink clean water, Agnieszka? Filtered from the tap? I wonder what is the alternative to bottled spring / mineral ...

  • Dagmara Mitak

    First aid kit when traveling with a child is my musth have. I take it
    favorite cuddly son and fairy tales that he likes to listen to before bed.
    In addition, when I go abroad I have a Smart Kid Belt with me,
    A device that provides my child with a safe journey by car
    we usually borrow at destinations. Thanks to approvals and approvals
    they can be used throughout the Union, and their low weight and small dimensions
    they do not burden the luggage and it is easy to travel with it.

    • KasiaR

      Smart Kid Belt is actually a great thing when traveling with a child, as you do not have a car with a car seat or tariff you are traveling with or your friends. Traveling with a car seat is not very comfortable and the smart kid belt protects as safely as a car seat

    • 27.08.2018

      I was considering buying this invention for our month-long trip to Rome, unfortunately, in the shop with professional car seat consultancy, everyone advised me against it, because this device really only provides a change in the height of the belt, and what about the side protection of the body and head provided by a regular car seat? He's absolutely not here! My four-year-old still drives backwards because it's the safest way. I agree that this can be a nice option for an older child, e.g. 6 or 8 years old, but certainly not for a 1-5 year old, when this side protection of the head and body is so necessary, not to mention comfort when the child is sleeping, and the seat can be tilted so that its head does not droop. Therefore, I think that with time, as the children get older, we will think about this type of device just for the taxi ride, but being aware that it absolutely does not "protect as safely as a car seat". On vacation, instead of taking a taxi, we took our car with car seats and left the car at the airport during the holidays - it was in a month as much as a one-way taxi to the airport.

    • Natalia

      We also used the RWF seat from the beginning. Because it's so safer. They will tell you this everywhere. And there is actually no other option. But it is up to the appropriate age. I understand these years by a 5 or even 6 year old. It works fine. But the older the child is, the less comfortable it is. Both for us and for the child. Now we use Smart Kid Belt when transporting to school. There are already studies that show that it has a similar level of security to other solutions. Maybe they don't protect that way from the side, but every new car now has curtains. And it works. I know from experience. Another thing. The car seat industry itself is unfortunately not clean, as many would think. Last year, a journalistic investigation into this industry was carried out. What is happening in Europe gives food for thought. It is published on BRD24. How the industry influences the regulations that should in theory control it gives a lot to think about. I recommend reading. I wonder how many other industries are controlled by what should control them.