Who lived in our tummy?

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From the first days of pregnancy, my intuition told me that I was carrying a daughter under my heart. What's more, Wojtek's intuition also told him that, and our gut was so strong that, seeing the promotion for children's clothes, we unpacked the entire basket with cute socks with frills and dresses ...


It was the beginning of the fourth month, we did not know the baby's gender yet, and we were additionally convinced by the possibility of returning them within 30 days. However, we left the clothes in the store, because as you already know from the post "Boy or girl?”I was influenced by the story of Iwona and Asia and I was wondering whether I should choose only neutral clothes and leave myself this beautiful surprise for the day of childbirth.


Wojtek, however, had a completely different opinion - he wanted to know the baby's gender as soon as possible, which was to help him build a bond with the Child, with whom he has undoubtedly less contact than I, who wear it under my heart. He convinced me that the information about the baby's sex would be a surprise for him, regardless of whether he would find out about it in the 4th month of pregnancy or at the end of the 9th month, holding him in his arms. Additionally, learning about the child's gender during pregnancy was supposed to allow him to establish a better relationship and visualize his love for the unborn child. He laughed that if I do not want to know the child's gender before birth, we will arrange with the doctor to pass this information only to him, and I will have a surprise on the day of birth. And how can I refuse my husband? 😉


And so we went for another ultrasound visit ...



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Beloved, and how were you?

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  • 19.07.2017

    The movie is meeega! We also had a boy <3 from the very beginning and no one was able to convince me that a girl 😀

  • 05.07.2017

    Wow! Congratulations 🙂

  • Justine

    Cool!!! Big congratulations 😉

  • Joanna *. *

    Congratulations 🙂 we also have a boy in his belly 🙂 <3 great video 🙂

  • 03.07.2017

    Congratulations are wonderful news. I have a girl with a boy and I must admit that it's probably better to have children of one sex 😉

    • 04.07.2017

      hihi well, I think it's nice to have a comparison for Mum, but it's great for kids to have same-sex siblings - my sister is the best friend in my life <3 so it's good and so wonderful 🙂

  • Marta Marta

    GRATULUJĘ.wspaniale :-)

  • 03.07.2017

    ❤️ Congratulations again, and the video is wonderful!