Why do we feel inseparable?

Monika and Marcin from "Beginning of Eternity" talked to us about our recipe for a family - we also told them about why we feel inseparable. Be sure to watch!



We have great stage fright - we'll be glad if you let us know how you liked it 🙂

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  • 20.12.2020

    It looks great 🙂

  • 08.01.2020

    You are watching wonderfully. All the best!

  • Dorota

    Until you watched with a smile ❤️ you are wonderful people and continue to infect future students with your passion

    A former student

  • Klaudia

    Beautiful life motto ❤️ as to your meeting, my partner and I had the same and it was also love at first sight ❤️

    • Małgorzata

      It's great to watch and read this blog 🙂 I'm a new reader, I'm just fine here. I am also a wife, a mother and in the morning I try to find some time just for myself (praying, writing, breathing ...). I am looking for inspiration and I am glad that I came here. It was not a coincidence ... Best regards, Małgosia.

  • Iza

    A beautiful team of you 🙂 greetings and many more years together 🙂