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you are not alone the ernesta foundation

You are not alone - these are the words that bereaved parents want to hear. Parents looking for solace, answers to the question: why?


I have accepted the invitation to participate in the company realized by Fundacja Medycyny Prenatalnej im. Ernest Wójcicki on the Lost Children's Day. Today I am talking to you, perhaps to your sister or friend, neighbor or friend… to you, orphaned mother and to your relatives.





Here you can read the letter I wrote to my Children on December 4, 2013. Letter to the unborn child.


Yes, it's the most intimate thing I do, but I have a feeling this letter won't do any more good, lying at the bottom of my memory chest.

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  • 15.10.2020

    We are not alone.
    Only this and so much.
    Thank you and a hug.
    You know