4 years ago I was a mother only in my heart ... #nieplodnosctoniewyrok

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4 years ago I should have celebrated my first Mother's Day ...


Piotruś and Pawełek were to be born two months earlier, in March. At the turn of the 2rd and 3th month of pregnancy, we found out that they had passed away ...


I believed I didn't give up. Although our path was terribly painful, today I celebrate another coveted Mother's Day.


I know that not all of you, although you want it most in the world, can enjoy it as much as I do today. For many of you, it is still one of the most difficult days of the year. That's why when Ania, the author of a wonderful blog about infertility It's inside she asked if I would take part in her video that would support you in these most difficult moments, I immediately agreed.


I recorded these few sentences for two days. Although four years have passed since those events, and I am watching this film today, I am hugging my son, Mikołaj, expecting another baby in August, my heart is broken ...


If you are encouraged by the video, we will be very pleased if you like it. We would like to show the whole world that it is not allowed to give up and show our solidarity with mothers who are nowadays above all in the heart. Especially on a day like today, They feel infinitely lonely. If you want to join us, share the video with you:

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  • wrobelek

    Applause for all girls! Wonderful energy flows from you 🙂