Layette for a newborn - how to complete it comfortably and safely in times of epidemics

layette for the newborn

Quarantine quarantine, but children are still born and the layette for the baby needs to be completed. How do you do it without leaving your home? How do you make the best decisions?


I have already started the layering planning stage and looking at Mikołaj and Maks chasing around the house I don't know when it passed.


I know, however, that there are many Mums in Poland waiting for a solution - their little ones will not wait for the epidemic to end, they must be welcomed to the world and provided with the best.

How to complete a layette during an epidemic?


I asked about it Ewelina Gawlik from the Expedition Center Muppetshop, which helped me to complete the layette and to arrange it safari room for Maks.


layette for the newborn



What amenities have you prepared for mothers planning to buy a layette for a toddler during this difficult time for all of us?


First of all, the most important: you can still do with us shopping without leaving home.


In addition, we encourage you to choose online shopping on our website, we launched the service Private shopping through videoconferencing. We can call you on Skype, Messenger or Face Time, during such conversations we will be happy to show products over the phone, "live" - ​​and yet in very comfortable, home conditions 🙂


Our showrooms in Warsaw's Mokotów are still open, but we have introduced new service standards here. First of all, for security reasons, after entering the store, please disinfect your hands with the liquid we have.


In addition, we decided arrange pregnant clients for a specific time at a particular salon, so that the entire store is only for her. We have two large, unconnected salons, which is why we are able to do it easily.


layette for the newborn


What about mothers who still don't know very well what they need?


For such I have on our site located lay listthrough which we can lead such a mother. We ask what is most important to her, what she draws attention to and we propose ready-made solutions that will work best for her.



Personally, 2 years ago I found in your Outfit Center everything I needed for a Newborn and Infant, but I saw that you have changed a lot, and still moms will be able to complete everything from A to Z?


Definitely. We have created this place for parents who are looking comprehensive solutions and selected brands. We focus on quality, safety and good design.


Parents will find everything they need in the first months of life with a new family member: from stroller and car seat, by children's room furniture, na care accessories, clothes and toys ending.


And all this is over ours advisers with extensive experience and knowledge of the market and the needs of young parents.


layette for the newborn

Such advice is invaluable - I remember how long I was looking for the best accessories when completing my first layette, I needed some tips then. With the second child, I thought that I already knew everything, and then I met you and you opened my eyes to so many aspects and amenities.


Without a doubt, completing a baby layette is a challenge. It is also a really beautiful adventure, even in these difficult times, and we love being part of this adventure :-).


And what do you suggest paying special attention to when completing the layette in these "new" conditions that we had to face?


Due to the risk of viruses, we focus particularly on products that can be easily and effectively disinfected or washed in a very hot way and ironed with a hot iron. It is worth doing it both after picking up the package or bringing the purchases home, and certainly absolutely - when buying or getting something second-hand.


That is why we especially recommend Mosaic baskets, baby bathtubs, changing mats or Shnuggle cots that meet these requirements. The Moses basket is designed in such a way that it is enough to remove and wash its cover, and wipe the shell with a disinfectant. The bathtub is very compact despite the fact that it does not fold - it is particularly easy to find microorganisms in places of folding, and it is difficult to disinfect. It is worth buying a stroller that has a removable gondola material that can be washed. This will allow us not only to take care of the health of the child and ours, but also that we will be able to safely pass our products to the next mother and child, so that they can serve and serve other families. For this, of course, clothes and bedding made of natural materials, with inserts that can be washed and ironed with a steam iron between washes.


Definitely this is the time when, for example, baskets of seagrass, string, or rattan or bath toys or teethers with a hole do not pass the exam at all, because they simply cannot be effectively disinfected.


And how do you deal with completing the layette without leaving home?

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    May there be no such problems with buying a layette this year as a year ago :(. My friend is due to give birth in February and is already starting to complete everything, maybe prematurely, but she prefers not to risk it. Better not to wait for the last moment.

  • Dagmar99

    really interesting post! It is true that I had to pack my bag for the hospital recently, but for a little older child it was quite a challenge for me. I knew that he would also need toys so that he would not get bored so I bought Montessori toys for him for a 5-year-old. my little one was really happy with it.

  • 27.07.2020

    it is good if the clothes were made of organic cotton, but not every manufacturer uses such material

  • 10.06.2020

    Remember, dear, we have to order a newborn session, such photos are taken up to 14 days after the baby is born. Later such sessions are more difficult to perform and I recommend LifeStyle sessions then. Warm greetings, all freshly baked mums 😉

  • 27.05.2020

    The best are educational toys to make a little child remember something from this game

  • Sönke

    Fortunately, we do not live in the Middle Ages and thank God there is such a thing as the internet 🙂 I practically ordered everything with my husband online, because it's just faster and I have the impression there are also more possibilities. I even ordered the stroller online. And after a total of 3 days silver cross surf was already there. I try not to think about what is happening outside the window, the world is crazy and I don't want to go the same way

  • 06.04.2020

    Now it is not so easy to complete the layette. I don't have all the necessary things yet, but we still have some time 🙂