Shopping habits that do not serve your wardrobe

how not to dress shopping mistakes

You have nothing to wear? Get to know and eliminate the habits that leave your closet full of things that don't suit you.


I will buy it when I lose weight

Nothing gives you such a kick to lose weight as the first lost kilograms, i.e. a better appearance, which immediately translates into a better mood. Did you know that thanks to well-fitting clothes, you can look several kilos slimmer right away? And get motivated right away. And when you lose weight, the biggest reward for you will be shopping in a smaller size - I guarantee, you will be happy to go shopping again.


I will buy it, because it is on sale

Once upon a time, I couldn't resist the discounts I left laden with nets, feeling like Jessica Parker's Star in Sex and the City. Unfortunately, until I return home. Later, in my wardrobe I had clothes in cuts that did not suit me at all, or 3 the same blouses in different colors, and when it turned out that I felt bad in a given model, I had three times as many things in my wardrobe that I no longer want to wear. Unfortunately, the often attractive price lowers our requirements for clothes and makes us much more lenient in the fitting room. If you can't resist the sales, don't come! Seriously. It will be more profitable for you to buy 2 super-fitting and sophisticated clothes at a regular price than 5 anything from the sale. Today, I go shopping before sales and look for pearls, and if it is a more expensive item, sometimes I even wait until the sale, and when after Christmas, mannequins in dresses with the SALE inscription appear at the displays, I immediately know what I'm looking for.


I will buy, at most it will be around the house

And it is not about comfortable home styling that I wear myself. Often "at home" means a slightly oversized blouse, a bit too short pants or a low-quality sweater. We explain to ourselves that it can be worse after the house ... Sounds stupid, right? Spend money to make you feel worse?


I will buy it because I won't find anything better

I tried on three pairs of pants, I look average in everyone, so why look further, I need to look medium. Nonsense! Seek, refuse mediocrity.


I will buy because I don't want to go shopping anymore

This was my favorite excuse for buying unnecessary clothes. I hate wandering around the stores for hours, one store or two is another - it's pure pleasure for me, but with more, I'm clearly tired. How am I dealing with it? Before going shopping, I browse the offers of stores on the Internet and when entering a shopping center I immediately know where and why it is worth going. So start shopping in front of the computer.


And what are your shopping sins?


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