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The Primer of Style Katarzyna Kasia Tusk blog review

Your clothes do not fit in your wardrobe and you have nothing to put on again? Nothing fits together? You don't have an outfit for every occasion? And most importantly - you don't know how to work it all out? This book is for you!


The Style Primer is a guidethat is read in one breath. Beautifully bound, beautifully published, the mere possession of this book is an incredible pleasure. The measure will not disappoint you - the mix of tips and beautiful, wonderful photos creates a really nice whole.

primer style review

For whom?


The style guide is a book for anyone who doesn't like their wardrobe.


In addition, there are many turning points in life when we decide to change the wardrobe and this book will be extremely helpful in them. Going to university, starting work, becoming a mother, returning to work or even changing her. Thanks to the Primer, you can easily make changes to your wardrobe, add elements that will harmonize with what you already have in it.

Organize the wardrobe!


For months I had been planning general cleaning in the wardrobe, I have done it more than once, but always faced with difficult decisions about getting rid of clothes, I found excuses - this time I will really lose weight! this blouse was so expensive, and this one will be good if I get fat after all ... As a result, despite the cleaning, the wardrobe is full of clothes, and every second thing I take out of it does not fit me. So it takes me way too long to get ready. If you do the same, Kasia will guide you through cleaning in the wardrobe, and what's more - she will motivate you to do it to the maximum, I am looking forward to the transparency that will prevail in her.

Create a base


After the purge in the wardrobe, Kasia has fantastic suggestions on how to complement the wardrobe with classic models of clothes in neutral colors, so that you can easily create sets for any occasion.

Kasia Tusk book of opinions



Kasia will also lead you through the colorful dizziness and explain how easy it is to use key colors that suit almost everyone.

The devil is in the details


Kasia will show you how important it is that the underwear do not impress, the pants were not too long and the coat too short. These are details, but you will see how much impact they have on your image.

Quick selection and ready sets


A simple and classic outfit always makes a good impression, you will learn how to perfectly compose it for each day! The tip about starting the day outfit with shoes has already revolutionized my life!

What, where and when


If you are not a master of dressing up according to the occasion, you will find out which outfits are suitable for which outings and you will never want to dress up for a weekend out of town with Auntie for a name day.


Primer Style Feedback

Milan, New York, Paris, London ...


If you have not been interested in fashion so far, now you will learn four different styles of fashion capitals to consciously decide what items of clothing to invite to your wardrobe, because it is worth emphasizing that to build your own style you can not limit yourself only to the base. This part of the book may motivate you to look after your own style after reading it.

You can never have too many good lessons


Although many of the tips in this book may seem obvious to you - after all, you are not living in this world from today, I think that in a busy world it does not hurt to remember everything, so I do not take offense when reading about nude underwear or clean shoes.

A Primer of Style every day


Clothes are meant to help you and not disturb you. I am sure that while you are reading this book you will want to make changes in your wardrobe, and if after reading this book you do not put it on the shelf, just treat it like a good friend who will help you in the metamorphosis of the wardrobe and your image, you'll never say that you have nothing to wear, you will become more confident and more satisfied with life. You will spend less and look better. Isn't that wonderful?


Who of you wants to read and change your wardrobe? Or are you already after?

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  • 12.02.2016

    Another item you convinced me to 🙂

  • Ania

    Only your review convinced me to buy this book and after reading the first 50 pages I do not regret it. A pleasant and useful reading. I can't wait for the cleanup either

    • 02.02.2016

      Well, I'm very happy 🙂

  • 02.02.2016

    In the end I know what this style is about. Together with Slow Fashion Asi Glogazy, they form a perfect duo to create a wardrobe of dreams 🙂

    • 02.02.2016

      I'd add Radzka and a chapter on types of figures. I have Asia in front of me and I go with the order 🙂

  • 24.01.2016

    I was also interested in this book after your review ...

  • 20.01.2016

    I have to admit that I wasn't convinced about this guide, and now after reading your post I feel like buying it! 😉 Finally, I could use a closet wardrobe.

    • 20.01.2016

      If cleaning is needed in the closet, this book will definitely be helpful. I am already changing my feet to throw away my clothes 😉

    • 20.01.2016

      In that case, I must reach for it!