XNUMXrd edition of the challenge # NieCzekamDziałam

Join the XNUMXrd edition of the challenge: # NieZekwaamDziałam!


Dear warriors! Agnieszka's challenge and her transformation was an impulse for change! I am a mother of a vigorous 1.5 year old. As it happens in life, unfortunately, after pregnancy, I have 'a few' extra kilos left. I was convinced that I would not be able to throw them off with my baby at home and a lot of chores. It was always a magical but, and fatigue didn't help🙈 however, when I saw Agnieszka's transformation and started participating in the challenge, I told myself stop, I can too, I can do it! I made an appointment with a dietitian, and this is how I am today - 17 kg less and this is just the beginning! I am constantly fighting for the shape I want. I won't lie that it's easy. Work, home, baby at home + hundreds of other duties is an explosive mix. But let me tell you one thing! Really worth! With a little good organization and motivation, you can do anything! And how can I, and you certainly can 💪 I keep fighting and keep my fingers crossed for you!




Such words have reached my inbox after the previous edition of the challenge. Happiness spread all over my body - from my toes to the top of my head. When I see how well you are doing, how beautifully you support each other and how amazing results you achieve, I am glad that this group was created, that you are, and I am in it with you.



You are writing to me such beautiful words:


# I have not acted changed me and my approach, not so much when it comes to losing weight (although I already have 15 kg on the minus) but to a healthier lifestyle. A few months ago, you posted a blog post about how you lost weight and what mistakes you made on your way to your dream body and goals. I read the post and with every sentence I wanted to say "I have it too, I have it too!". Of course, I meant the mistakes I keep making. I read to the end. Then I put down my phone and created my table of challenges. They were simple at first. Not to give up too soon. Later on, more and more ambitious people came. I painted these grids and I wanted to paint green and green for myself ... I did not set a specific goal for myself. He was more so general. Work! Only on January 20, when I was planning the next week, I added training. Today there are two tables on my list. One with training, the other with a ban on eating and drinking "crap". A more specific goal: to dress in September, for the 10th anniversary, wedding dresses. I am already in it again, although it is still a bit missing to finish it 😉 I allow myself to sin and have no remorse. I eat one cookie, not the wrapper. When I even have a "red" week, it does not prevent me from turning the next one entirely to green. I am proud of myself and still # I did not expect because there is always room for improvement 🙂 in the end I do it for myself!
Aga! I will write it again! THANK YOU! Painting squares did wonders for me !!!



And this is already on the occasion of the challenge #MySpokójMojaSiła wrote to me D.


What motivates me everyday? I enjoy the little things that I hadn't noticed before, underestimated what I had, and looked elsewhere for happiness. Now I realized that I am happy every day thanks to little things, e.g. where I live, I have a garden - for about 6 years now. Before that, I had an approach: I have this garden, so what? Now, when I go out to the garden, I am glad that I have forests around, birds that sing, a river on which little ducklings are swimming. I realized how happy I am. Why had I underestimated this before? Little things like that, and they really enjoy it!



The epidemic situation in our country makes us feel uncertain. We all had plans for the future: trips, travels, maybe family celebrations, weddings and weddings. We've locked ourselves in our homes and we don't have views on how this could end quickly. You say: I'm not losing weight, why? I will not go to the beach, I will not go on vacation, I do not have to fit in this dress that I bought for my friend's wedding.


That's right, you don't have to. But you can.


You can feel beautiful here and now, be happy not for others, but for yourself. Feel control over your appearance, your body. Be confident in your femininity, beauty and sex appeal.


Get started now! Do not wait for "May Day", "May XNUMXst", "Monday" - it's deceptive. Say to yourself: # I'm waiting, I acted! Fight for yourself!


You don't need to go to the gym or swimming pool - you can get active at home, choose stairs instead of an elevator, or go for a brisk walk instead of a slow walk. Do you think you have too little free time? Does not matter! Did you know that you can find even 10-minute exercise sets online?


Having trouble drinking a lot of water? If you work at home - put a large jug of lemon water and a glass next to you - you won't even notice, and you will sip it unconsciously! In addition, mine is huge and with a straw - it is empty every now and then. If you go out - take a filter bottle with you - you'll have water with you and take care of the environment. When you are at home with your baby, make sure you always have a glass full of water on hand. You can do it!


After work, do you prefer to sit quietly in front of the TV instead of deciding to be active? You have two options. Put the exercise bike in front of the TV, play your favorite series and pedal - start with 5 minutes, and before you watch it, it's a whole episode! 🙂 If this is not possible, make up your mind that watching a series or a movie will be a reward for your efforts. Practice, take a shower, and then relax during the session 🙂 You can also read a book and be aware that you did a great job 🙂


And what about the epidemic? That quarantine? It doesn't limit us! You can eat healthy, exercise and feel beautiful here and now! Join the XNUMXrd edition of the challenge: # NieZekwaamDziałam!

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  • 09.12.2022

    how to make lighting in a basement converted into a gym all in loft style?

  • 23.02.2021

    Ahhh this motivation - I need to wake me up! Great post, best regards 🙂

  • 26.01.2021

    Very good entry, I read it well. I love this blog, I also need some motivational kick recently 🙂

  • 13.06.2020

    Where to find motivation, because "always something" 🙂 Regards

  • 13.05.2020

    I slowly take on myself in every sphere and mental not to break down by the lack of work and visual to take care of the condition a little bit better late than never 🙂

  • 27.04.2020

    We bought a cross trainer. Now, practically every day on it + yoga + stretching to splits. And of course with water and as healthy food as possible 🙂 for now I stopped gaining weight, I hope that the weight will slowly start to drop. For now, the goal for May is to lose one kilogram. Small steps to your goal 🙂