How to dress pregnant? 5 clothes, on which you will build a pregnancy wardrobe

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How to dress during pregnancy is a topic that will not be missed by any future mother. While buying maternity clothes is undoubtedly a pleasure, I am definitely in favor of moderation in this topic. Most maternity clothes will last only a few, maximum 5 months, so I would not like to spend too much on them, and of course I would like to look and feel attractive. Meet my 5 must-have clothes that will allow you to create a "capsule wardrobe", i.e. a pregnancy wardrobe in a nutshell.

1. Maternity jeans

This is probably the first-bought first pregnancy clothes.

In my previous pregnancy, I opted for gray jeans, which I still wear today - I like them so much that even after pregnancy I couldn't part with them. The gray color was a perfect match for my entire wardrobe and I'm sure it will blend in perfectly with yours as well. For me, gray jeans are a bit more formal version of the navy blue and worn ones, which I also love. That's why the first pants I bought during this pregnancy were navy blue jeans. I know that I am going to give birth in them and for much longer, I have been wearing my first jeans for 3 years!

When choosing pregnancy jeans, I focused on these with a very low waist and a material belt pulled over the tummy - in my opinion, pants without this belt hold worse and are not so comfortable, later, when our blouses become shorter and shorter, they also help to reveal the naked belly, which not everyone wants.

maternity fashion jeans

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My choice:

maternity fashion jeans
Gray jersey: H&M MAMA
, Model: MAMA Skinny Jeans, 149,90 PLN - 10% discount from the H&M app >> click
Navy blue jeans: H&M MAMA, Model: MAMA Skinny Jeans, 149,90 PLN - 10% discount from the H&M app >> click
Proven quality for reasonable money.
Size: I bought both pairs in size 38, although every day I wear size 40 in H&M, so if you would like to buy pants from the H&M MAMA collection online, I recommend a size smaller than the everyday wearable.


2. Black leggings

I will not pretend that leggings are pants, but I will also not hide that they are much more comfortable than jeans - even maternity ones, with a very low waist, elastic waist and elastane in the composition ... High-quality, elastic leggings are much more comfortable than even the best jeans, and they will also be useful after childbirth, when we are no longer pregnant, but still look like 4-5 months. If you have to give birth by Caesarean section, you'll love these soft pads even more when you leave the hospital. Every day, you can combine them with both sports sneakers or running shoes, as well as ballet shoes or elegant high heels. In them you will go to a restaurant and spend the whole day on the couch.

When buying maternity leggings, I was guided by the fact that they were not ordinary high-waisted leggings, but special maternity leggings, necessarily with a cut-off under the belly (models without cut-off often stick out and hang unsightly on the back) and high waisted. Here I focus on quality - when making my choice, I paid attention to what material they are made of and I rejected the 100% cotton ones - they push out in the knees and fade in the sun, and the whole summer is ahead of me. I also rejected the lycra ones - they don't breathe and don't have such an intense black color. I focused my eyes on those with cotton and some additives, those made of viscose and polyamide - will they definitely not shine through?

maternity fashion leggings

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My choice:

I am waiting for the delivery of two pairs of black leggings from Zalando and I will definitely let you know if I managed to choose something, and if you have any wonderful black leggings worth recommending - be sure to let us know.


3. Flexible shirts

Not necessarily pregnancy, because after pregnancy they will unnecessarily emphasize the enlarged tummy - I focus mainly on ordinary t-shirts, only in slightly larger sizes, and check how stretchy they are. During pregnancy, they will beautifully emphasize your growing belly, but after pregnancy, they will also be perfect - they will not emphasize excess folds. I also bet on those with slightly longer sleeves - I expect extra pounds, so they will perfectly cover the shoulders. I mainly choose plain or striped t-shirts, but I think I'll also get one with funny inscriptions. This t-shirt fits perfectly with all the elements from this set, which will allow you to create many different styles.

However, at the end of pregnancy, you probably will not do without a typical pregnancy t-shirt, especially if you are tall - the usual ones, after stretching over a larger belly, can quickly become too short for you.

maternity fashion blouse

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My choice:

I usually choose flexible T-shirts in ZARA and H&M stores, I also have one favorite from New Look, but unfortunately this season I cannot find such long and pleasant ones in their offer. I have maternity t-shirts from a previous pregnancy from the H&M MAMA store - not all of them are of great quality, but I wore them quite shortly, they did not have time to get damaged, although some of them "twisted" around their axis - you know what I mean - the seams instead of going upright under the armpit wrapping around you.


4. A simple dress

It's the perfect outfit for any research, every day and on holidays. The simpler the style you choose, the more universal the character of the dress will be, and with accessories you will create a stylization suitable for both a daily walk and an evening out.

Bravo you, if you limit yourself to one ... I also dream of a long dress with navy blue and white stripes.

maternity fashion dress

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My choice:

fashion maternity dress happymum

I bought this yellow dress 3 years ago in a store Happymum, I had all the parties, parties and weddings in that season, but despite the not low price around PLN 200, I lacked the lining that would make the dress fit much better. Unfortunately, this brand sews dresses without lining, which is a big drawback for me.


5. Long sweater without fastening

One that will never be too small in waist - brilliant, right?

It is perfect for a dress, T-shirts, jeans and leggings to give warmth, slim the figure and cover this and that (remember - leggings are not pants, but transparent leggings are definitely not pants and when we leave the house in them, the pupa should be covered). In spring and summer, it will replace a coat or jacket, in winter it will keep you warm under a long jacket, and will continue to serve well after pregnancy. Especially if you are breastfeeding.

Maternity Fashion Long Sweater

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My choice:

I'm still looking.

Main photo: Alina Siomak

And how do you like my idea of ​​a pregnancy wardrobe in a nutshell? Be sure to write to me, which you can't do without.

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