My Peace - My Strength, or how I deal with my emotions in this difficult time

We have all found ourselves in a situation we do not want to be in. Closed at home, in hospitals or at work, where we are afraid to be ...


Every day, I answer a lot of questions in private messages, where does such life energy and optimism come from? Today I will tell you about it and I will share with you best practices for how I handle such critical situations.


If you are with me on Instagram or Facebook you know perfectly well that I had a total emotional reunion. And finally I realized why I owe him.



First of all, my expectations were guilty. The year 2020 was to be so amazing! Full of new projects, new activities, plans and free time. I was supposed to act, develop ...


Fortunately, I first realized that I had no influence on what was happening. In the second, that luckily I have influence on how I approach what is happening.


I'm trying very hard today let go of expectations for what is. The morning breathing session, beautiful music help me… play with children and work, but only when I am full of gratitude for what I have. Practicing gratitude is such a magical tool that the more we are grateful, the more we see reasons for gratitude, and in the next step - the more reasons we have.



At first, I began to ponder why I hadn't done something earlier, why I had not taken some steps when the conditions were right. Such thinking very quickly began to increase my sense of loss.



I felt a great rebellion within myself. Even though I was sitting in front of the computer… I couldn't work, I indulged myself in distractions to kill time. If I didn't have kids, sure I wouldn't leave this regret home. However, I quickly realized that it made no sense! With every moment of my whining I felt worse and worse with myself, I felt like I was losing energy. The hard way I felt that such behavior is deeply damaging and self-destructive!


After all, it's mine dramatizing was a very valuable experience, thanks to which I decided that it would not be my way. I saw that she was not leading me to anything good.


I'm glad though I gave myself the right to experience the most difficult to teach - otherwise, I would feel inner anger for not being able to do it and despairing. It is so the feelings we suppress grow stronger. So good to afford them.


That day, however, I decided that I would go to bed as soon as possible and the next day I would start with my beloved routine, which had given me so much joy before.


What have i changed


I realized that despite the conditions that I can't control, I can still decide about my life

I can decide whether I will go to bed before midnight and feel like having rituals in the morning, or whether in the morning I will nervously press the 'snooze' button and start the day without sleep and angry. Will I despair of the situation senselessly or will I start looking for solutions. Instead of saddening and writing on social media how bad I am, waiting for words of encouragement (which is also okay!) I will change my attitude and infect others with it.


The next day I started to act and on the first day I felt such a great change in my moodthat sprouted in my head the idea for Challenge #MyRoomMy Strength - as part of a project that I run in a closed group on Facebook # Nie WaitingI acted - here we will be able to motivate each other and pull upwards!


I remind you that the challenge is free and will start on Monday, March 23, 2020. If you haven't signed up yet, you can find the enrollment for the challenge at the end of the post.


I remembered the power here and now


I remembered that only HERE and NOW could be happy. Not tomorrow, not in a month, or when the threat is over and I can again leave the house without restrictions and carry out my plans. Not a month ago when I felt free. It is here and now I make decisions whether I will carry out destructive actions and feel this way or build up to feel happiness and spread it to others.


Emotions in life pass - both pleasant and unpleasant. It is impossible for us to feel just happiness or just despondency all the time. So I remembered all the tools I used to help me make these unpleasant feelings pass even faster, to replace them with pleasant ones.


Our well-being is usually a reflection not what's happening but exactly our attitude to external circumstances - and I want to share my work on this attitude with you in the challenge.


At any time, I decide whether I will be saddened by what I cannot do or whether I will enjoy what I can. And I can do so much!


I can meditate, listen to music, dance, laugh, organize a challenge for you, I can enjoy every "I love you" I hear, that I can bake delicious bread and walk barefoot on the grass in my garden.


I can also ponder and bury all my beautiful plans for 2020 and feel that I have no influence on anything, feel stagnant and fall into depression.


What do i choose


I choose conscious life, although it requires daily discipline. I invite you to make this journey together.


I'll send you tomorrow or the day after work cardsthat will be needed for the challenge. For today I have two, but I feel that this is not the end of my work on them.


We still have to make an appointment Live, where I will tell you everythingI'm just wondering if Friday or Sunday will be better. I will do such a poll for Instastories - be sure to cast your vote there. If you are not following me on Instagram - jump on me.


I will leave you here with two quotes that come to me today especially:

"To become better, you don't have to wait for a better world." - Phil Bosmans

How extremely current today, right?


“The most difficult part is deciding to act. The rest is just a matter of persistence. " - Amelia Earhart

I hope you will accept my invitation to work together - records are tutaj, let us support each other now and motivate us to persevere.

Everything is in our hands.


I embrace you today with all my heart and until tomorrow!


#NoWaitI acted - #My PeaceMyStrength

To sign up for the "I don't wait - I act" challenge, all you have to do is sign up for my mailing list by providing these two information:

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  • 21.07.2020

    I love your blog, it's a pity I didn't discover it earlier <3 The time of isolation also motivated me to act. I decided to share my passion with others and this is how I opened my own online store 🙂 - my little child, I cordially invite you. And I will stay on the blog for a long time, I am delighted 🙂

  • 23.03.2020

    Very cool initiative; D