Do you run a wedding agency but are not satisfied with the results you achieve?

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Do you have a problem with attracting customers? Or maybe customers come to you but don't buy?

Do you have a problem with the pricing of your own services? Are you still balancing on the verge of profitability? Do you think that customers buy from you only when you give the best price?


Do you feel that you have already tried everything but nothing works?

Your business instead of joy and freedom brings you a lot of stress and problems?

Would you like to give it all up and go back to work? Or maybe you still haven't left?


I understand you very well - I remember my first two years of activity - I did not have a business plan or specific pricing policy at the time, I did not know what was behind my prices, where I was going or how much I could and should earn. I didn't know what advertisement to invest in or how to measure its effectiveness.


I had a huge problem with the valuation of my services - my work has always been a great pleasure for me, and we tend to when something makes us happy, we don't believe that someone can really pay us for it.


How did I heal my Wedding Planner business?


1. I created a wedding agency business plan

I counted my capacity - I already knew a lot - how much time I need to organize one wedding, how many weddings I can organize in one season and year, I knew more or less the fixed costs of running a business, I knew what else I wanted to invest in. I collected all the data in Excel, I analyzed archived data and made forecasts, calculated, calculated ... and crazy!


I couldn't believe what I saw! For 3 years of running my own business, I was sure that I would earn 30% more each month!


How did this happen? Clients paid for my services in tranches, usually in four - 40%, 20%, 20% and 20%. On average, therefore, for the first quarter, they paid me as much as 60% of my salary - on the one hand, it was understandable, because then I was doing most of the work for the client, but the fact that I spent this money on an ongoing basis, forgetting that the subsequent installments would be lower, made me feel that I earn much more than it really was!


Then I made my own simple cash-flow tool (I provide the same on my Online Course) and based on it I made revenue and cost forecasts for the next two years, and most importantly - I introduced it to my business fixed salary for yourself and created a sub-account for savings... it hurt at first! Suddenly I started to earn less, but it gave me confidence and a kick to create my pricing policy, and ultimately allowed me to build a stable business and base family life on it, plan my business and feel confident for the next months and years!


2. I changed the employment policy

I saw - in black and white - in the table that the model in which I employed Wedding Consultants in my agency is not effective for me or them, and if I do not change it, my company will collapse and we will all lose our livelihood. I didn't want to run the business alone, so I looked into Excel again and counted everything carefully to create it new, effective cooperation model company - company and we are building our Wedding Factory in it today!


3. I created a service valuation calculator

I set a minimum price for the "date", which I have an organic quantity in the season, and I adjusted the rest to the time-consuming nature of a given order. After entering the average values ​​into the business plan, I received my future earnings in black and white - I already knew the standard of living of our family behind it. I already knew what prices I cannot agree to, because I cover every "discount" for the client from my own salary.


Our clients expect us to be available, knowledge of life, wisdom, knowledge of exquisite dishes, wines, corners of the world, traditions, trends, software, solutions, knowledge in the industry, training ... and all this costs money. To be able to provide services at the highest level, we must constantly learn and visit ourselves, and all this generates costs.


When I started presenting my new prices, a lot I was less afraid of questions like "and why is Ms X the price 30% lower"? I already knew what quality is behind my services, my and my family's standard of living, which I don't want to give up. I told myself that sooner I would change the industry or go full-time than I would work for a hunger salary - I knew that either my company would maintain and provide us with a dignified life, or I would have to close it.


I also met other Wedding Planners who were successful and shared their pricing policy with me - I knew I was on the right track, and today I support younger agencies in the same!


It happened magic - when I started to be sure of my prices, sure in negotiations, customers stopped saving my prices.


I remember how hard it was for me and how great to have a community around you! People with the same problems and joys, and a phone call to a friend and patting each other on the back is an invaluable thing! Today like this I also create community among my graduates.


4. I found myself and my way

For many years, my sensitivity was clearly negative! I tried to match the image and personality of Wedding Planner, which I saw on the Polish market and associated with success, but I did not feel well in a suit or a suit or stiff formulas, I have always had a problem with "keeping people at bay". My romantic soul told me something completely different. I thought that my close relations with clients and colleagues were a sign of my weakness - that it was my fault and I tried to hide it under a stiff uniform.


I remember when I started this blog - I had the impression that such "home" personal topics do not match Wedding Planner, Businesswomanso for the first years I ran it anonymously. It is amazing what a wonderful community that has formed around him and how it gave me courage! There were also "heheszki" I was afraid of, but I didn't care about them anymore.


First of all, I changed the name of the blog to my first and last name, and secondly, what others loved in me, I started to introduce myself to my company. Today, I share my path with the world so that you do not have to go through all these stages and immediately believe that your authentic personality is behind your success and I want to give you only courage and history.. From the day I threw off my disliked pencil skirts and put on lacy or floral dresses - I started to attract completely different people! I might regret that it was so late, but I am very happy with this road, because today I am in the right place and at the right time, and I can give you wind in your sails!


It is hard for you to say for yourself which cog in your company fails?

I hope to inspire you for analysis and find a solution.


If you don't know where to start, check to see if I can help you.


Based on my experiences, observing the current situation, I dared and turned the plan of my Wedding Planner course upside down! For 4 years I have been collecting beautiful opinions, I have re-analyzed over 400 letters from my students. 80% of curriculum changes involve reordering lessons, but 20% are new topics - my knowledge and experience in building my own, expressive brand.


And that's also why so that you can go through the process of creating a wedding agency step by step - it's a great plan for the detection of weaknesses and their repair!


I will tell you that while preparing the workbook for you to create your own brand, I felt inspired myself to some changes, and it only showed me that at every stage of development reliable analysis can result in changes for the better! See what program I have prepared - "Wedding Planner Expert" course program.


In general, I think so own brand audit should be carried out regularly. Our brand is us - and our development should be followed by the brand, so I have already focused on constant development and training in this topic.


subscriptions they end on Monday, June 22, 2020, and I plan the next Online Course only in November.

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