Toys for a 6-month-old child

the best toy for a 6 month old child

Toys for a 6-month-old baby should be chosen wisely so that they are suitable for many months to come ...


When it comes to toys for a 6-month-old child, their multitude on the toy market can lead to nystagmus not only of young parents, but also friends and family who would like to give the baby a gift. What is worth paying attention to when buying such a toy? It is worth having a lot of contrasting elements in the following colors: black, white, red, yellow. Ideally, it should make sounds, even short - it doesn't have to be long melodies right away. Let's not forget that such a little boy loves everything that rustles and can be bitten. What worked best for us?


The best toys for a 6-month-old baby - our picks


Tigger pendant - Fisher Price

toys for a 6 month old baby
When buying it, I was guided by the fact that it was to be black and white and available for purchase at Tesco. It was the first store that I literally got out of after delivery because of the proximity from home and the opportunity to buy various types of products, also for babies. This is the first toy for a 6-month-old child that caught our child's attention. We hung it over his head, and he could stare at her for a very long time, soon smile, until finally he giggled aloud. A few weeks later, he discovered her tummy was rustling cards. He loves today! (8 months). Someday he will necessarily land in a souvenir box.


Rubber teethers - Sophie giraffe

toys for a 6 month old baby
I do not know what this rubber squeaker has in it, but my child laughs at the sight of it, even when it does not squeal for the moment, because while washing it, water poured inside - standard. He loves to chew on it - the ears and dumplings are so delicious! You just have to try.


Toy bow - Adventure forest from Tiny Love

best toys for a 6 month old baby
Attached to the deckchair, it absorbs Son for several dozen minutes. It can also be mounted on a car seat or stroller. And on it you can hang everything, even ordinary colorful ribbons and strings are certainly no worse than super toys. We have the absolute hit of the first months, when Santa could not hold toys himself.


Black and white books and cards - Through the eyes of a baby

nice toys for a 6 month old baby
The books are perfect for independent fun, the first ones on which Mikołaj stayed longer. He loves to open them, stare at the pictures. Initially, I chose the cards to play with, because I saw that when there were two pictures next to each other in the open booklet, Mikołaj could not focus his attention on any and his eyes jumped from one to the other. When we have fun together, I like to tell him about what we see, so one picture on the card worked perfectly especially at the beginning, now the books work just as well. Such a contrast book is one of the best toys for a 6-month-old child.


Suction cup for feeding car seat - Chicco

Recommended toys for a 6 month old baby
No more bending down every 5 seconds! The suction cup toy has become my salvation. Each time it takes Santa for at least a dozen or so precious minutes. Time to clean everything up after eating together.


Pulled Frog Pendant - Bright Starts

toys for a 6 month old baby
A fixed passenger in a car seat. And it's free-standing! Santa loves to pull her leg, her string lengthens, making an interesting sound, and the frog vibrates, returning to its original position. We like to play with it ourselves!


Carousel - Pirates of Canpol Babies

nice toys for a 6 month old baby
I wish we got it so late! Carousels are favorite toys for a 6-month-old baby. Its biggest advantage, and for me the obligatory characteristic of this type of product, is that it is ... electric - battery operated! No winding, 12 melodies and it goes round and round! Contrasting colors, Velcro detachable toys - we never use more than two toys at a time (we started with one) so that Santa could focus his attention. The perfect solution when you want to take a morning shower! Or maybe you will even dry your hair ...


Bath toys - Colorful Ocean Canpol

Small, colorful, in a handy mesh attached to the suction cup to the bathtub, so they do not pound throughout the bathroom. They spit water, and usually after a bath, Santa pulls them out of the tub and takes them with him on the changing table. He doesn't even notice how I give him a terrible taste Vitamin D with algae extract. Yuck!


Mat or stand for hanging toys - we have the Happy Farm Canpol Babies mat

toys for a 6-month-old child to choose
Another ideal solution when it comes to toys for 6-month-old children who are not yet able to hold toys themselves, but it works much longer. We hang all kinds of toys on it. Particularly useful when Santa decides to get up at 5 am. We bring it with Mikołaj to our bed and change the toy every 10 minutes on average. He manages to sleep at six o'clock. So you know you must have it!


What are your hits of toys for a 6-month-old baby? And what complete "misfires"?

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