Zigzag, star and owl or yellow-gray children's room

boy's room stars chevron zigzag yellow gray
2 months ago I wrote to you about room design for our little sonthat we were expecting to be born. It's time to show what came of it. According to the plan, there is an owl, there is a zigzag, there is white and black, yellow and gray. In addition, a star theme has appeared.

children's room theme owl owls zigzag chevron gray yellow
zigzag gray children's bedding
children's room sunbed swing
There is also a feeding chair, which I have chosen separate post. You probably won't be surprised by my choice - you advised me in most of the comments, both on the blog and Instagram. I have been using it actively for 2 weeks - it works perfectly for this purpose. It's big, deep enough to sit comfortably but not too much, making it easy to get up from. Provides support for the head and shoulders. I love it in a duet with a nursing pillow. At the moment, there is a table next to him, on which I keep the accessories necessary for feeding. Thanks to it, I always have a diaper, a glass of water, an e-book reader and a packet of cookies at my fingertips.
children's room for a child yellow gray white zigzag chevron owl letter M
children's room white furniture chest of drawers changing table yellow gray
baby room ikea bunnies rabbits bookshelves photos RIBBA IKEA
baby room ikea bunnies rabbits bookshelves photos RIBBA IKEA
child room children's room NYTTJA picture frames owls diy
child room boy children's room white gray yellow zigzag chevron stars
child room boy children's room white gray yellow zigzag chevron stars
small children's room boy's room white gray yellow zigzag chevron stars feeding chair STRANDMON IKEA gray
boy's room boy's room white furniture dulux gray walls

I am glad that before I started completing the layette, I prepared a plan and a shopping list. Thanks to it, I didn't buy unnecessary accessories, decorations or clothes that are so difficult to resist in children's stores.

5 tips

I have prepared for you some tips that I would gladly hear myself while pregnant:


1. Do not leave planning and arranging a baby room for 9 month of pregnancy. The fatigue that accompanied me then would surely make it difficult for me to choose and prepare everything. On the other hand, the feeling after coming from the hospital, when I could put our son on the changing table and have all the necessary products and a chest of drawers with clothes ready at hand - priceless.


2. If you do not have a car that you will be able to transport larger-sized purchases, buy them in the online store - for 10-15 PLN, the courier will deliver shopping to your home. In this way I bought not only a cot, but also all products from the pharmacy, saving a lot.


3. Furniture stores usually have long lead times, for example, we had to wait over 1,5 a month for our cot. It's good that I didn't order it at the last minute, because for the first month I wouldn't have a cot.


4. Before you go to the children's store, ask your family and friends if they have any things to borrow or sell. I can already see that they are used for such a short time that most of them will not really be destroyed.


5. If you care about the individual character of the room, in addition to the offers of stationary or online stores it is worth getting acquainted with the offers of handicrafts, and here you will find portals such as DaWanda or Pakamera. You do not have to choose only from ready-made items, but thanks to direct contact with product developers, you can order personalized items for your child, usually at the market price of finished products. And if you start preparing the room early enough, maybe you can prepare something completely yourself? Although with a sewing machine we live rather like a dog with a cat, to our room I made the curtains myselfthat you see in the pictures. It cost me 2 days of work, but the feeling of pride is amazing. I still wanted to sew the sheets to the set myself, but the strength and time was not enough, that's why DaWanda user sewed them for the set.


If you are wondering where we bought or how we made individual room furnishings, you can read about it in the next post: Yellow-gray baby room step by step.


And how do you like our implementation?


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