2015 was a year of change for me ...

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It's amazing… it's New Years again.

Exactly a year ago I was sitting at this time in the hospital bed of our 3-month-old baby, crying and praying for his health and life. It was an incredibly difficult time, but when it passed, instead of enjoying the moment, I was full of anxiety. About everything. For a child, for health, for a job, for friends, for what people will say ...

Today, we have the New Year again, ahead of me next and huge changes, but I am not afraid anymore, so every year ago it was extremely difficult for me to go outside the comfort zone, this year is hope, challenge and great joy for me.

The year 2015 was a year of change for me. I can't believe myself how much we can mature and re-evaluate our world in 12 months. It was a difficult, bumpy, but wonderful way, wonderful, because it led me to where I am now and I'm happy like never before.

In 2016, I will try to share with you ways to change thinking, because my worldview has changed, the level of joy and problems remained at a similar level.

This is the perfect time to remind you of 10's most-read 2015 posts and share with you some of my 2016 plans for the year.

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What am I preparing for you for 2016 year?

1. Something feminine… or the metamorphosis of my wardrobe

I am fed up with facing two full wardrobes (despite the fact that I select at least twice a year) and asking myself the same question over and over again, to which there is only one answer: "I have nothing to wear !!!" . It is impossible to hide, I spent the last 2 years at home pregnant or with a child, most of the clothes from before that period either do not fit me or do not fit together, I am very sentimental, but I know one thing - my wardrobe should be cleaned and I'm going to share with you the way to do them. I am just completing the literature that should help me in this and for the last 2 days I have been relaxing by reading books ... I already love it !!!

2. Something professional… that is Design and implementation of my new office

It is impossible to hide - we develop, we move forward and we simply do not fit into the previous office. I know how you love Mikusiowe angles in our home, I hope that the next posts from my office will also appeal to you, and maybe inspire changes in your own space? You can see my two previous offices here >> click.

3. Something for pregnancy… a layette

I am preparing for you next posts in this series, because I am not getting the most questions from you, so there will be even more of our advice, specific tested products and our recommendations.

4. Something of a child… or Reviews 

And the next 3 carts will go first! For this books, toys and maybe I will finally convince myself of children's fashion?

5. Something modern… or Gadgets

We love them and we have a few technical wonders at home, it's time to tell the world what to invest in and what not to spend on.

6. Something of yours… that is prompt me - What do you fancy?


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