How do you waste the best years of your life?

how to waste a life

This morning I heard our friend about 60 years old say to Wojtek that she would like to have his years, but her mind ... nothing happens without a reason, so in the morning I was wondering what lessons could be learned from this for me ... What does this Lady know, what we don't know

A lot has been happening with us recently, so for several days I have had a stomach ache, I am nervous and "moody" as Wojtek says. And where to do everything? Eureka! I just realized that I have a recipe for wasting the best years of my life.

1. To worry about being too fat ...

Doing nothing about it. Additionally, it is worth hiding from the camera then and treating yourself and your loved ones to zero commemorative photos from our best years. And all this to say in 10 years: how stupid I was, that "then" I avoided the camera, "then" I was thin (or at least young), now I'm "old and fat". I guarantee you will!

2. Worry about what people will think about us...

I am a master in this type of tormenting myself with intrusive thoughts. You already have the answer why this blog lay fallow for months ... and I wrote "in the drawer". I even put on a second absolutely anonymous… Because what will people think? And do not God say? Which people? I don't know if it matters who, probably all of them… So, sleep through your best time both privately and professionally. With his head in the sand.

3. Worry about what others think about us!

Ha! Not to be confused with point 2, this is quite another. Point 2 blocks our future, and point 3 makes the present suck. At such times, you can sit down to talk to yourself and ask yourself: have you hurt someone? Did you hurt someone? No? Then you are fine, so let others think what they want! Just no no, don't do that if you want to waste your day one by one.

4. Guess what others think about us! 

And this is quite another thing. Why? Because most often we don't know what other people think about us, even if we think we know it, it doesn't have to be that way. Why? For example, that people don't tell us about it, or they are simply not honest. Or worse, we add or imagine what they think about us! We interpret glances and gestures. We answer each other. It often happens that people don't tell us what they don't like about us, but probably even more often they don't tell us good things about us. Think ... how many women you admire have ever said that?

This list of ways to spoil your best years has to end well, because neither you nor I want to waste your best time, which is here and now! So I have a task for you: tell the three Special Women that you admire them. Even after you've done it many times, today is a great opportunity to do it again. Especially those who think too much… I'm already running. I will tell it to my "professional" friends, bloggers. They're great, and I know they forget it sometimes. Such words will break every negative thought sequence 100%.

And who do you honestly admire and never say to him? Maybe a neighbor who deals with three children alone, or maybe a friend who is successful? Say it! And you will make someone's world better. I promise.

And what ways would you add to my list of wasting the best years of your life?

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