A walk with a child - 8 best gadgets

baby stroller muff

In the last post of the series, I recommended to you the layette specific products that help us travel by car. And when we get to the destination and decide to go for a walk, we take a bamboo / muslin nappy from the car, on a colder day also a sleeping bag or a blanket and ...

layette spacer bag to the trolley

1. Trolley bag >> our best choice !!!

My bag is PERFECT! I bought it at TK Maxx, much to Wojtek's displeasure, who said that we came for some clothes and I want to go out with a bag? But I knew that we were made for each other and we would get along perfectly! I was right and fortunately I put it on my own and bought it - which I am jokingly telling him today około I paid about 150 zlotys for it. Its quality is a premium class among bags, after more than a year of almost daily, intensive use, it is almost like new. It has wonderful accessories: a changing mat, a thermos for a bottle, a sachet - and all of this can be hung on special rings outside the bag without taking up space inside. It is simply divinely organized - it even has a silage for wet wipes that can be taken out without removing the packaging, a pocket for parents, and in it special places for phone keys. At this point, I wouldn't trade it for any other! What do I always wear with it? And this is a topic for a separate post!

What other bags do I recommend?

Although I haven't tested them, they look very solid and have very good reviews of Skip Hop bags >> click.

I advise you to choose a bag, we also had a trolley bag from Mutsy and we definitely do not recommend it - it was not fastened well, it was badly organized inside (almost not at all) and it got damaged very quickly.

2. Trolley organizer

A bag is not always suitable for a walk, a trolley organizer was much better around the house. Personally, I had one >> clickwhich I bought following the price in order to check if such a gadget is useful to me, but I was not fully satisfied with it - poor quality materials, smudged logo, did not keep the shape, so if I decide to replace it with a new one, I will take a closer look organizers from the Skip Hop assortment >> click and La Millou >> click. - I love the products of these brands and I am sure that I would choose something for myself.

3. Car seat adapters for pram

Why do I need adapters if I write that I don't go for walks with my child in a car seat? And because I usually take him to an outpatient clinic, where there is very little space, or when I need to jump out of the car for just a moment, and I don't want to wear a car seat, for example at a gas station or in a store.

4. Container - milk powder dispenser >> our choice

If you feed or feed your child with modified milk, a portion of perfectly measured powdered milk can always be useful and this container is perfect for this. It is divided into 3 parts and this is how many milk portions we can take. In addition, this scale can be removed and on another occasion you can pack treats for an older child.

5. Thermal insulated bottle case

We had it complete with a bag, but it was very useful for walks on colder days - we always had hot water or tea with us, perfect for a longer walk or a car trip. In the photo you can see a case from Skip Hop >> click.

6. Mentioned in the post about traveling with a child - Muslin or bamboo diaper

muslin bamboo diaper parenting blog

In summer it will cool you down, protect you from the sun, in winter it will protect you from the wind and from loving and snorting people in the clinic or in the shop. When you carry your Child in a car seat, it will also be useful as a protection against wind, sun, or both. It can be used as a blanket, changing mat or sheet for a changing table, it takes up little space, is breathable, dries quickly and you just have to have it. Very cool in a smaller size, perfect for a baby can be found in the Dear Eco store >> click.

7. sleeping bag

I cannot imagine winter without a sleeping bag. You can read about the choice of a sleeping bag here >> click - the choice is soft, waterproof and simply beautiful, decoration of each pram. I hope that if we finally decide on it, it will protect us from the wind. A blanket cannot replace it, because the sleeping bag also warms up from the bottom. It was not replaced by our pushchair insert + blanket set, because La Millou inserts are quite thin and the blankets are easy to unravel, although temporarily they do a pretty good job:

8. Muff

baby stroller muff

I install around October and download in spring. I do not have to remember about gloves, it is always easy for me to take my hand out and correct the baby or give him a pacifier without thinking what to do with the glove and usually keep it in my teeth. A muff is an absolute must-have for me, a walking fan. A year ago I had a muff from Samiboo (we had a shed pattern, unfortunately not available anymore, but you can see the others >> click) and I was 100% satisfied, but I used it then on the gondola, but unfortunately it did not fit the handle of our stroller, so this time I decided to have wonderful teddy bears from La Millou >> clickthat blend in perfectly with our stroller.

And you can't imagine walking without what?

PS If you sleep outside the home, we'll show you what to bring with you in the next post.

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  • 24.07.2020

    I agree with the previous comments. Muffs are great, but they are best in the form of two separate parts - just gloves on the handle of a cart! 🙂 they are definitely more comfortable and the hands do not have to be so close to each other 🙂 and in the set with a sleeping bag for the trolley at all extra!

  • Hania

    For me, the muff is the best gadget for a stroller !! We have la millou in colorful teddy bears and passers-by are constantly looking at her ☺ even a few moms accosted me and asked about her ☺ I, like you, am a big fan of walks, so the perfect post for me draw greetings

  • 23.12.2015

    such muffs are an extremely practical gadget that hardly any mother knows about - it's worth writing about them 😉