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AgnieszkaKudela.pl is a blog run by Wedding Planner i trainerwhere I show you how you can to combine family and professional life without remorse, also finding time for your passion, i.e. interior design, fashion and of course writing blog.


For 11 years I have been successfully running my own, now family-run, nationwide company, without giving up my family life – because I realize myself primarily as Mother of 3, a year-old Mikołaj and Maks, a few months old.


I share my family and professional life with Women, whose background is here and there selected brands – only those that genuinely fit into our everyday life.


If you are looking for authentic influencer, with a mission motivating women for a better, fuller life, you offer the highest quality products or services, we will create something special together. You just have to trust me – I know my readers best, mainly women aged 25-34 who want something more from life.


My soulmate finds many women in me who, like me, combine work with motherhood. Because Blog is not my only occupation, I am closer to my recipientsstruggling every day with the same problems.


An introduction to my life of philosophy work-life balance it is the result of many years of work, a factor that many Mum and Working Woman look for here, looking for inspiration, ideas for themselves or specific life advice. They find her in a warm message, beautiful photos and she feels like having a coffee with her best friend.

What i create


Blog: 6 years on the network, over 50 000 UU per month

Facebook: over 29 000 fans, 150 000 real coverage monthly, 30 000 monthly activities

Instagram: over 9 500 fans, 10 000 real coverage weekly

YouTube: over 2000 subscriptions, videos with ranges of 20 – 000 views each

What can I prepare for you?


– post loosely connected to your product or brand – my favorite form of advertising that naturally engages readers
– a review of your Product or Service
– post about your Product, Service, Brand
– contest
– Photo session
– movie
– product placement
– interior metamorphosis
– support on Facebook and Instagram

and all this is beautifully captured in professional photos, because it is known for a long time that 1 photo is worth more than 1000 words.

My Recipients


Professional photos


We make Nikon D750 SLR, DJI Mavic Pro drone (4k) and camera with DJI Osmo Pocket (4k) gimbal, providing a new perspective for the most demanding customers.

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Just write to me,
and I will prepare the original for you,
engaging idea for cooperation:

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I know SEO and I can use it.
Therefore, by placing a link or a banner on my blog, you get double benefit, in addition to great contextual advertising strong, industry link positioning your website.

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