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How to prepare for a pregnancy photo session?

abdominal pregnancy session ideas

Pregnancy session has always been my huge dream. So rarely do my husband and I stand together in front of the lens, and the period of waiting for a child for the Miracle of Birth is so special that I just had to have a wonderful souvenir from that period. Today, when there are three pregnancy photo sessions behind us, I have prepared for you a small guide on how to prepare for such a session.

Help! I'am a mother!

imperfect mother parenting blog

You recently became a mother. You look at this picture and know that you have not seen such an ordered bedside table for months. Not to mention live flowers, because it would be a shame you would not have time for such stupidity, since you can catch up in sleeping or on Instagram. You don't remember the last time you went shopping. And I don't mean grocery shopping and sprinting on Biedronka. Nor about those when you went out for something and came back with a net of (often unnecessary) things for your child.

How to wash children's clothes? | Layette

how to wash children's clothes washing powder for children

If you know me a little, you know that I care for my child's skin with special care, which you could find out by reading about the absolute minimum number of cosmetics in our bathroom and on the changing table of our child. However, the protection of babies' skin does not end there. We must not forget that our children's skin is in contact with clothes, sheets and diapers almost 24 hours a day, so what we wash them in is also very important. Why?

Layette to the hospital

layette to the hospital

Layette for the hospital for Mum was for me the most difficult stage of preparation for the birth of a child. I was terribly afraid that I would forget the most important things, I did not know what to prepare for, what I would think about in the hospital, and I did not want to be dependent on anyone and call me asking for something again. I also didn't know which products to choose - after all, I gave birth for the first time! Behind me 3 stays in the hospital, through which I managed to refine this list of "Laying out for the hospital for Mum" almost to perfection.