Expanding your diet

Expanding an infant’s diet is a moment that every baby’s parent is waiting for, but also a moment that he is very afraid of. There are different solutions to learn new flavors – I am one of BLW fans. How was the taste of new things for me? What advice do I have for you in these first steps of a new gourmet? Check it out!

Healthy food – a whole day menu for children and families | Winter

Healthy food and a menu for the whole day is not an easy matter if you do not have enough inspiration for cooking. I don’t like cooking myself, but what is not done out of love for my family? Because I like to take care of my boys and what they eat, I invite you to my kitchen where I will share recipes for healthy food for the whole winter day and I will show you how to prepare an exemplary all-day menu, from shopping to breakfast, lunch, lunch and afternoon tea, using a lot of healthy products.