DIY is a very fashionable trend and I am not surprised at all. You can save money and time: instead of buying – do it yourself (or with a loved one). DIY is a hit in all areas of everyday life: Christmas decorations, birthday invitations, decorating a children’s room, wallpapering in the office, manicure. Look at how many areas there are in which you can demonstrate creative independence! Did you know that you can also make stucco on the wall yourself? Really! All you need is a little imagination, a good idea, a bit of willingness and materials – and it’s ready! It is not that difficult, you will find a lot of inspiration online, and it brings a lot of satisfaction and joy. Do it yourself and have fun!

Parent’s bedroom with a children’s corner

This year, already coming to an end, was supposed to be a period of great changes for our family, because in 2021 we decided to build a house, which fortunately did not start. Why fortunately? Over the past few months, the world around us has changed a lot and it has no intention of slowing down even for a moment…

Packing gifts in … jute – DIY or do it yourself

Last season, I was preparing wedding decorations in a rustic atmosphere and I had a lot of jute left and so far I had no idea what to use it for. On the occasion of taking part in the Santa Claus Gifts Campaign, I was preparing a gift in the cold climate of Russia, so raw jute seemed to be the perfect accessory for me and I decided to use it for… wrapping gifts.

How to hollow a pumpkin for Halloween? – DIY or do it yourself

I dreamed of home-made pumpkin cream, but the pumpkin had been left untouched on the windowsill for a week. Although we do not celebrate Halloween, it is a great opportunity to take it under the knife and make your first pumpkin lantern. And while we had no experience with it, the task seemed simple enough. Fortunately, we were right – 10 minutes and it’s ready!