Wedding planner

Wedding Planner is not a profession, it’s a lifestyle! For the second decade I have been running one of the largest wedding agencies in Poland, and for 5 years courses and training for future Wedding Planners and for those who want to repair their business. Wedding Planner is also an investment in yourself, expanding knowledge and skills, training. I myself finished, among others, training in diplomatic protocol and savoir-vivre in practice at the Polish Institute of International Affairs. I know that in order to be the best in my profession and to train others, I must still invest in my development.

5 reasons why you should take a Wedding Consultant Course in the fall

I have always said that the work of a Wedding Planner is a year-round job. In summer, we coordinate, in the remaining months we operate strictly organizational and acquire new customers. Our holidays are mostly off-season and weekends often start on a Tuesday and end on a Wednesday. It is a phased work and when preparing for it, it is worth taking a shot at the perfect moment to start your wedding business. Below are five reasons why fall is the best time to take a Wedding Planner course.

Conference room

A conference room, the fulfillment of our common dreams – ours, i.e. people who create a company with us, and those who trusted us and dream of more frequent meetings as part of our Academy of Wedding Studiosthe same Label or our interactive agency Brainbox. A meeting place for our team, guests visiting us, but also an incredibly inspiring space where work is pure pleasure. See how we creatively arranged an integral part of our office.