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A wedding consultant or, in English speaking, wedding planner, is not only my job, but also a great passion. As I used to say: It's not a profession, it's a lifestyle. You need to be artistic, communicative and organized. I could talk about this profession for hours. I have been a wedding consultant for several years. I try to help the bride and groom make their wedding day unforgettable and buttoned up. I create a tailor-made offer for them, and this ensures that they receive exactly what they need. A wedding consultant is a job full of sacrifices, but also extremely rewarding. On the blog, I reveal the secrets of this work and tell about one of the most beautiful jobs in the world!

Do you run a wedding agency but are not satisfied with the results you achieve?

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Do you have a problem with attracting customers? Or maybe customers come to you but don't buy?

Do you have a problem with the pricing of your own services? Are you still balancing on the verge of profitability? Do you think that customers buy from you only when you give the best price?


Do you feel that you have already tried everything but nothing works?

Your business instead of joy and freedom brings you a lot of stress and problems?

Would you like to give it all up and go back to work? Or maybe you still haven't left?

How to work effectively at home?

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Until recently, working from home was reserved for artists, writers, and small business owners. This trend is changing a lot, more and more people not only work from home. And although such work has many advantages - saving time and money on commuting to the office, avoiding the stresses of standing in traffic jams or the possibility of having a home lunch every day, for many people it can turn out to be a trap. Today I am telling you my 5 principles that allow me to be productive at home, because it is still an important part of my life.