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How to work effectively at home?

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Until recently, work from home was reserved for artists, writers and small business owners. This trend is changing a lot, more and more people are not just self-employed from home. And although such work has many advantages - saving time and money to travel to the office, bypassing the stress of standing in traffic jams or being able to eat a home-made dinner every day, it can be a trap for many people. I tell you today my 5 rules that allow me to work productively at home, because it is still an important element of my life.

How did I arrange the wedding office? #5

wedding office

My world is spinning so fast that changes are ahead of my plans, fortunately in a positive direction. Wedding Label is at its best, Courses for a Wedding Consultant also (the next one in 3 weeks in Warsaw) and recently we have expanded our activity also by wedding decorations. You can't hide - a slightly larger office is what we need.

I do not stand still, I am not afraid of new challenges, I do not look back and I give up what fate brings. On this occasion, I wanted to show you my today's Wedding Consultant office, because I will stay here soon ...