Children’s fashion

Fashion also applies to children – children’s fashion is a large part of the clothing market. There are a lot of stores offering children’s clothes or specializing only in this branch. From the more commercial ones to small, Polish companies, often single-person. The child also has the right to look fashionable and believe me – you can really create great styles from the clothes available in chain stores. Children’s clothes are also what they feel best in. I recommend you the clothes that I bought for my children when I was completing the layette – then special attention is paid to comfort. Children’s fashion is really possible – you just need to know where to look.

How to prepare for a pregnancy photo session?

A pregnancy session has always been my great dream. My husband and I rarely have the opportunity to stand in front of the camera together, and the period of waiting for the Child, for the Miracle of Birth, is so special that I just had to have a wonderful souvenir from that period. Today, with three pregnancy photo sessions behind us, I have prepared a small guide for you on how to prepare for such a session.