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The layette for the mother’s hospital was the most difficult stage for me in preparing for the birth of my Child. I was terribly afraid that I would forget the most important things, I did not know what to prepare for, what I would find in the hospital, and I did not want to be dependent on anyone and make requests that I was missing something again. I also did not know which products are worth choosing – it was the first time I gave birth! There are already 3 such stays in the hospital behind me, through which I managed to refine this “Layette to the hospital for Mom” ​​list almost to perfection.

When completing the layette to the hospital, you must remember that:


1. Each hospital has different rules

In the facility where I gave birth for the first time, all hygiene products for myself and the child had to be owned. In the second hospital, however, everything was available in every room: pads, pads, swabs, saline, buttock ointment, newborn feeding syringes, substitute milk, so you need to adapt your bag to the requirements of a particular hospital.


2. You can give birth away from home or in the first choice hospital, there will be no vacancies and you will not end up in the hospital of your choice.

It may also happen that your chosen hospital may not have a place, so I recommend that you pack everything that will ensure your comfort. If it turns out that you have too many things with you – the person who will be with you or visit you will be able to take the excess from you.


3. Each of us is different, each delivery is different

That is why my hospital layette tips have a very universal nature, but you can certainly adapt them to your individual situation and tastes.



When reading what I think a mother’s layette should contain, remember that I love comfort and convenience, hence it will be quite extensive. You can shorten it freely to your requirements and needs of the hospital kit, or expand it.


Mother’s layette:

  • dokumenty – first of all, an ID card and a pregnancy card, if you have one, add up-to-date test results (including blood and Rh type, HBS, HIV, VDRL, the latest blood count and urine test, the latest ultrasound),
  • nightgown with the possibility of comfortable breastfeeding a baby – a minimum of 3 items, the first shirt immediately after delivery will probably be washed immediately and you will only have two left, so I had 4 items,
  • kapcie – I bought myself slippers in Ikea for a few zlotys for this occasion, which I didn’t take home anymore and I didn’t pack all the germs collected on them in my bag torby They were comfortable, with rubber soles and for a few zlotys – that’s what you expect from slippers ” at the same time”,
  • shower slippers – I propose the same solution as in the case of slippers,
  • szlafrok – I suggest thin, because it is usually very hot in hospitals, but you may want to cover yourself by walking in the corridor,
  • panties postpartum mesh (absolutely mesh!) (absolutely not fleece) – there are many shapes and sizes, but I recommend those with a high waist, because in the event of a caesarean section, the low ones could compress or irritate the wound,
  • feeding bra – 1-2 pieces, at the beginning I recommend flexible, seamless, in which you will be very comfortable, my favorite is Cariwell
  • skarpetki – as much as you like,
  • basic cosmetics – favorite washing liquids, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, something to fix hair – cosmetics preferably in miniature packages,
  • toilet pads – available at the pharmacy,
  • a small terry towel – 2 pieces,
  • terry mini towels as washers – in order to ensure the comfort of using always fresh towels, I bought a set of 10 hand towels at IKEA for PLN 12,99, which I simply threw into the trash after use,
  • disposable towels – 1-2 rolls,
  • chair bag – put it in your toilet bag, if you feel weak in the shower, and there is a chair nearby, you will be able to put a net on it and sit on it easily,
  • bed covers – I recommend Bella Happy changing pads or Seni’s bed pads,
  • disposable hygiene pads – from 2-3 packages (e.g. Bella Mama – the only ones I know are fully breathable, which is crucial after giving birth),
  • bags  – for your and your child’s dirty underwear,
  • still water,
  • lactation tea – my choice is Stork, I definitely do not recommend granulated, because they contain a lot of sugar,
  • cutlery and cup – unfortunately.


Lay set to the hospital for delivery:

I suggest you have a delivery separate bag, in which everyone will find everything that you may need during delivery and what you can change after coming to the hospital, without browsing through a multitude of things that you will have prepared for your stay.


They will probably be:

  • nightdress,
  • slippers,
  • shower slippers (you may want to use it during),
  • seamless bra for feeding that will support the breasts for your comfort, and after delivery you will be able to attach the baby to the breast immediately.
  • maybe something to read,
  • box for lenses + liquid and glasses, if you wear lenses on a daily basis,
  • protective lipstick,
  • and maybe a toothbrush and toothpaste – we never know how long the delivery may take,
  • wet wipes without chemicals – clean water – e.g. WaterWipes,
  • a phone charger and camera will also be useful for you,
  • drinking water,
  • apparently it is also very important food… for your partner, if he will be with you during the birth. And maybe rusks will be useful for you?


You can also put in a delivery bag nappy and first clothes, and even horn or blanketwhich you want your Newborn to be dressed in, but here it all depends on the hospital. In my hospital, immediately after delivery, they put on the baby only a disposable diaper twice and wrapped it in their own diapers, so that in the postnatal room, in a disposable diaper, they would put the son on me and leave us in skin-to-skin contact without any clothes for many hours.


Mother’s lay kit for feeding:

  • feeding pillow – to comfortably feed and rest tired back; I didn’t have any with me and I regretted it quickly, but fortunately my husband bought it for me and delivered it quickly. The abdominal muscles, weakened after the caesarean section, made it difficult for me to breastfeed for a long time, but my friends from the room after natural births also praised them,
  • feeding caps – to be used as a last resort, but it is worth having such a safety valve, I recommend these Medela companies, it is important to sterilize them / pour boiling water before using them,
  • lactation pads – one small package or half a large one, because you will probably have a lot of food at home,
  • pure lanolin – for lubrication,
  • breast pump – in case of problems with lactation – it helped me wonderfully, I chose the Mini Electric Medeli for the first time, and the Medela for the second time.


I wrote the post you read in 2016, after the birth of my first son. What did I change, packing myself for the second time?


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I am very curious how your hospital and delivery kits look or look like? I will gladly expand my list with your suggestions.

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