Wedding planner

Wedding Planner is not a profession, it is a lifestyle. The work of a wedding consultant is still not a popular profession in Poland, however, this profession was popularized in our country by the film “Say Yes!” with Jennifer Lopez. In the film, the main character was organizing weddings. After watching this movie, many women (and not only women!) Wanted to become a Wedding Consultant. There are several dozen active wedding planners in our country, and about 180 marriages are concluded each year in our country. However, weddings organized by wedding agencies do not account for even 1% of all ceremonies. Wedding Planner is my job and my passion. I have my own wedding agency that is already a franchise network. On the blog you can read about the secrets of this profession, I am telling you about my work and the space in which I work.

5 reasons why you should take a Wedding Consultant Course in the fall

I have always said that the work of a Wedding Planner is a year-round job. In summer, we coordinate, in the remaining months we operate strictly organizational and acquire new customers. Our holidays are mostly off-season and weekends often start on a Tuesday and end on a Wednesday. It is a phased work and when preparing for it, it is worth taking a shot at the perfect moment to start your wedding business. Below are five reasons why fall is the best time to take a Wedding Planner course.