mother goes back to work

Hurrah! Mom is back to work! After months at home with your baby, it's finally time for you! Back to work, back to people, beautiful dresses and everyday makeup :-) But ... how to prepare for return to work? What about the wardrobe? What about further feeding your baby? Or maybe remote work - how to prepare for it - how to arrange a suitable workplace and provide peace of mind?

Business idea | Magazine for Mam Mint - an interview with Bogna Bojanowska

business idea for mothers magazine

Do you dream about your own business, but you still lack the idea for business or courage? Get inspired by the stories of women, mothers, who caught the wind in their sails and today run their own business on their terms. My first interview was given to me by Bogna Bojanowska, editor-in-chief, but above all the owner of the printed Magazine for Mam Mint.

Breastfeeding and a date with her husband or return to work

breastfeeding and return to work

There are a lot of reasons why we must leave our Baby with someone other than ourselves. School or college, work or additional assignment, case in court or other official matters, stay in the hospital, own or with an older child, and even a datewith my husband or going to the cinema with a friend - it does not necessarily mean that we have to give up breastfeeding, or that we will have to feed the child with formula milk. Today I will tell you how I organized breastfeeding while running my own business ...

How to dress for work? 5 tools

How to dress for work

How to dress for work is wondered by every person starting their career on the labor market. And also every mother who ends her maternity leave and returns to work. Check what things cannot be missing in your wardrobe.

How to work effectively at home?

home office how to work

Until recently, working from home was reserved for artists, writers, and small business owners. This trend is changing a lot, more and more people not only work from home. And although such work has many advantages - saving time and money on commuting to the office, avoiding the stresses of standing in traffic jams or the possibility of having a home lunch every day, for many people it can turn out to be a trap. Today I am telling you my 5 principles that allow me to be productive at home, because it is still an important part of my life.