mother goes back to work

Breastfeeding and a date with her husband or return to work

breastfeeding and return to work

There are a lot of reasons why we must leave our Baby with someone other than ourselves. School or college, work or additional assignment, case in court or other official matters, stay in the hospital, own or with an older child, and even a dateand with my husband or going to the cinema with a friend - they absolutely do not necessarily mean that we must give up breastfeeding, or that we will have to feed the baby with modified milk. Today I will tell you how I organized breastfeeding, running my own company ...

How to work effectively at home?

home office how to work

Until recently, work from home was reserved for artists, writers and small business owners. This trend is changing a lot, more and more people are not just self-employed from home. And although such work has many advantages - saving time and money to travel to the office, bypassing the stress of standing in traffic jams or being able to eat a home-made dinner every day, it can be a trap for many people. I tell you today my 5 rules that allow me to work productively at home, because it is still an important element of my life.