Mother goes back to work

Hurrah! Mom is back to work! After months at home with your baby, it’s finally time for you! Back to work, back to people, beautiful dresses and everyday makeup :-) But … how to prepare for return to work? What about the wardrobe? What about further feeding your baby? Or maybe remote work – how to prepare for it – how to arrange a suitable workplace and provide peace of mind?

Nanny or nursery? so Mama goes back to work #2

When Mom plans to return to work (you could read about my planning in my first post in this series, Fr. here) we think about the 3 most popular care options for our baby: Grandma, Nanny or Nursery. My maternity is over in a month and a half and I return to my part-time job. The most important decision related to this is ahead of us – what is the best care to provide the child?