How to organize a changing corner?

wet wipes

This is the second post in the #Wy Layette series and today I will tell you about how to conveniently organize a baby changing corner. 


I wrote this post in 2015 when I became a mother for the first time,
be sure to see mine 2018 changing corner,
when I became a mother for the second time.


I remember a few weeks before the birth, I was crazy about organizing a changing corner. Wojtek was a bit skeptical and did not understand why I was preparing everything there, but when we came back from the hospital with Nowy Rodek, and I put the Child on the changing table and literally had everything at hand, he was delighted! And I heard the words I had been waiting for for so many months: you were right! You came up with it all!


What should we find in our changing corner and what helped me organize well?


1. The changing

It can be an oilcloth that you put on your bed, or an overlay for a cot or a separate piece of furniture that we have chosen. For me, it was important that the changing area was always ready. I had a lot of space at my disposal, so I chose a separate piece of furniture, which also serves as a bookcase, but my friends also use changing mats in the form of a cot cover. Especially in the initial period, disposable changing pads that I put on the cover were very useful, thanks to which I did not have to change it sometimes several times a day.

Ikea changing table


2. Wet wipes Glass bottle with water + cotton balls

best baby wipes

If you read me a bit, you know that I am against chemicals in our cosmetics (and also in food), let alone in children's cosmetics. The compositions of the vast majority of wet wipes for babies are fatal, very unhealthy and harmful. Did you know that many wet wipes contain ingredients that are interpreted by our bodies as female sex hormones? What, especially in the case of continuous use with boys, may have negative effects. That's why my motto is: the less chemicals, the better. Believe that water in a glass a'la cream bottle + cotton pads will be perfect, it will be healthy and more ecological, and maybe also economical, although cotton pads also cost theirs. You can always pour warm water into the bottle, which, especially in the case of newborns, will avoid the unpleasant feeling of cold, wet wipes on the skin. We only allow ourselves to use wet wipes outside the house, unless I have to wipe something quickly at home and I have them at hand. However, I always try to read the compositions of the handkerchief chemicals that I bring home. If you are wondering which wipes are the most safe for children, read about their ingredients here i here. If we decide to use them, it is worth doing everything wisely. And if you can choose wrong and quite well, it's worth choosing the best.


3. nappies

Disposable or reusable, it is important to have direct access to them.


4. Organizer

diaper changing pad organizer

It is worth getting an organizer, e.g. hanging on a cot or changing table, a basket or a cardboard box that we put next to the bed on which we will change the child will also be great. The key is to have everything at hand.


5. clothes

Ideally, if the cupboard or chest of drawers, or maybe a shelf with clothes, are located in the immediate vicinity of the changing corner. If it turns out that in addition to the diaper, you also need to change clothes, you can reach for them without leaving the changing table.


6. Cosmetics

The motto is also true here: the less the better. From birth, we have been using prophylactic diaper ointment for several weeks, eg Bepanten Baby Extra or pure lanolin ointment. It is important that it has a good composition - it is good that it does not contain, for example, paraffin or mineral oils that act on the skin like cling film ... Of course, many of us have used or use paraffin and will say that nothing has happened, that it is wide recommended in delivery rooms and birthing schools and probably most children are fine with it, but it is worth knowing that it can cause, for example, baby acne ... Later we used the ointment only for irritation or chafing - we still do not use it preventively so that the skin can recover take care of yourself.


7. A basket for used nappies, cotton pads, cosmetics ...

diaper basket

You can read about choosing our basket here.



Why is it so important to organize the changing space? Remember that never, but never, ever leave a child alone on a changing tabletherefore everything you may need must be at your fingertips. We have developed such a habit that when changing the Child on the changing table, we touch the Child with one hand all the time, because taking the diaper or clothes out with one hand is not a problem. This rule also applies to those babies who are not turning over yet… we never know when a Baby will decide to turn over for the first time.


How does the scrolling organization look like with us?

changing the baby

baby changing organization


We place a chest of drawers with clothes in the immediate vicinity of the changing table. We keep a bottle of water, cotton balls and ointment on the chest of drawers, and in the organizer hanging on the changing table there are nappies (and in the past there were also sterile cotton pads or saline). Right next to the changing table there is a basket for used nappies and an ordinary garbage can. Everything at your fingertips.


In Pictures:
changing table IKEA Gulliver> click
water container: IKEA Ensidig vase> click
cotton pads: Cleanic Kindii> click
changing table organizer: H&M Home
buttock ointment: on prescription, the simplest possible composition, without paraffin
nappy basket: Tommee Tippee Sangenic Plus> click
trash can: Ikea Strapats> click


Let me know if you like the new series of posts from the #wyprawka series and what proven solutions you would like to read.


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  • 31.01.2020

    I arranged my own corner in the bathroom and had everything under my arm. I didn't want to take space in the room. It worked great with us

  • Natalia

    many WOMEN choose cotton swabs and water, and 99% of cotton swabs in stores are also of poor quality, the ecological ones cost more than waterwipes, and when we buy a cotton pad + water, we have tap water again, so in most cases we do not know what, because it may be with bactria ... in my opinion, waterwipes are much better ...

  • Aga

    Could you tell me where you bought the changing mat. Because I bought this guliver, and now I'm looking for a mat with matching dimensions.

    • Agate

      I join the question pytania

  • Magdalena

    Interesting post, and an enviable corner, I have one thing: eucerine is paraffin, so where does this sentence about the ointment not contain it?

  • mk

    paraffin widely recommended in delivery centers? first I hear… crap

  • Agnieszka Wróbel

    Hello, I have a question, where did you buy the changing mat and what dimensions does it have? This changing table has a fairly large surface, because 82 by 54 cm, and most of these mats are 70 cm long. I would be very grateful for your answer.

  • Dorota

    Agnieszka, I have a question for the yellow cover for the changing table. Is it such an inflatable ikea care pad? because I wanted to buy it, as the only cover available from ikea is just nasty….
    Did you yourself sew something like this from the same material as the veil? Did you buy such a cover somewhere ready .. I'm afraid that I will not be able to sew by myself ... and for example, on the Allegro, such covers are of a different size than this inflatable pad. I will be grateful for a hint on this topic.

  • Anna Butterfly

    Where are the boxes and containers from? I like them very much 🙂

    • 09.06.2016

      the yellow box is Ikea, the butterfly box is a gift, the star accessories are H&M Home, the water container is a vase from Ikea 🙂

    • Anna Butterfly

      Thank you for your prompt reply 🙂

  • agataagacior

    Great post! Thanks for the inspiration: D I'm enclosing my "diaper kingdom" 😀

    • 23.02.2016

      But it's beautiful at your place You came up with it all - and that is the storage of the bathtub!

    • Kamila

      Where did you buy a changing table? 🙂

    • 21.04.2016

      In Ikea 🙂

  • Joanna

    I really like your approach, I play the same in my soul, very nice advice, clear and to the point :) Regards Joanna

    • 23.04.2016

      Such a wonderful comment, and I can only see 🙂 thank you: *

  • nowaMama

    Very nice site, congratulations 🙂 everything looks super safe for a toddler and comfortable for mom. I'm not sure about those water swabs. I use kindia, but still wet wipes, not swabs, the ones recommended for newborns, New Baby care. So far they are working well. I checked the composition on the manufacturer's website 😉 When it comes to water, you need to boil it, cool it and as often as possible, because such water is also a breeding ground for bacteria ... I don't think I'm determined
    Best regards, Nowamama

    • 14.09.2015

      Thank you 🙂 I don't use boiled water, just like I take a baby and tap water I don't see the need to prepare this water differently. So I pour a warm tap water, and the exchange of such water takes a few seconds. And you can read about these Kindy wipes here: - I always use this page when it comes to cosmetics, and that's why I usually use Tami or Tesco wipes, and from these Kindii I would choose the Skin Balance version.

    • phantom

      I remember that for my first child I boiled water for each daily bath, a few pots were needed to fill the bathtub, and then it all cooled down and "already", the bath was ready, ha ha 😉 A Kindii Skin Balance is really good, they contain almond oil, which moisturizes.

    • 30.09.2015

      But the number! Haha, I can see home universal mobilization an hour before bathing 😉

  • 21.08.2015

    We will have a changing table on the cot, I do not know if we can fit even an additional piece of furniture for clothes, so far I have a separate space in a large wardrobe 😉 For sure such an organizer will be useful, it is a pity that it is no longer available on the H&M website, because I have a star phase 😉

    I like the layette series, and as for the best solutions, I would like a post from the series, how much for the beginning. Clothes (you know, my ill last days), but also pampers, cotton balls, etc.

    • 21.08.2015

      You can always hide a few pieces of clothes under the changing table - during the first months this part of the cot will not be needed for anything else. At H&M, this stellar series returns from time to time, when I visit the store, I will check if they have stationary locations because I have recently seen stars again. And how much at the beginning ... depends on how often you want to wash hihi but I think I'll be able to prepare something 🙂

    • 21.08.2015

      It would be wonderful 🙂