Capsule wardrobe

Capsule wardrobe – do you know what it is? It is a wardrobe in which you have a small number of clothes, and you can combine them as you like, because almost all of them massage one to another. This allows you to limit the number of clothes in the wardrobe, while having the ability to create several or even a dozen proven styles. Check out my capsule wardrobe!

My capsule wardrobe for spring 2019

I love to simplify my life, so I decided to prepare my wardrobe for spring and treat my wardrobe like … a clothes store and choose only those that I love, in which I feel best, they are nice, fresh, undamaged and keep their cut to shorten maximum time that I make a decision every morning – what to wear today. On this basis, I created spring capsule wardrobe, full of pearls themselves, but closing in 30 pieces. View what’s in it i what principles followed my organization.

How to dress every day? A floral dress in the spirit of slow fashion

How to dress every day, Returning to form after pregnancy is a perfect opportunity to build your wardrobe from scratch. When creating it, I decided to focus on high-quality, timeless clothes that will allow me to create stylish sets for many occasions. Today I will show you how to choose a floral dress that will be with us for years.