The office is like our second home. We spend most of our time here every day. No wonder that we try to make the time spent here pleasant and enjoyable. We have been running our business for several years and had an office in several places. We always wanted it to be cozy. We have already worked from several office buildings, larger and smaller, until we finally settled outside the city, near our home, and here we are best! We have an office with a sea view in a gated community. We often walk to work, so we can stay positive for the day.

Loft style bathroom

A loft-style bathroom is a combination of a “male ground floor” and a “female floor” in our seaside office. You’ve already seen what our toilet looks like, so now find out about the compromise that allowed us to create a coherent whole of two different tastes. See how we arranged this interior together!

Industrial style bathroom – design

The industrial-style bathroom that we dreamed of in our office turned out to be quite a challenge meet the demands of two different tastes. A male-female compromise was achieved, which resulted in a beautiful design. It sounds impossible, but we did it! Check what it looked like on the project unique combination of feminine and masculine style in one room.