Home … nothing makes me happy like my home. Because I love interiors, I have made various metamorphoses in my home, even small ones. In my life so far I have moved several times and each time carrying out a renovation or even a small rearrangement of furniture brought me a lot of fun. Such a small change allows you to feel like in a completely strange place and at the same time – at ease and completely at home. I love to arrange my place on earth, carry out metamorphoses in it, make decorations, often with my own hands. On the blog, I show different rooms in my home, my place on earth. In the blog, you can watch it change with a few small tweaks. There is no boredom with me!

Parent’s bedroom with a children’s corner

This year, already coming to an end, was supposed to be a period of great changes for our family, because in 2021 we decided to build a house, which fortunately did not start. Why fortunately? Over the past few months, the world around us has changed a lot and it has no intention of slowing down even for a moment…

Cozy bedroom

A cozy bedroom is a need that appeared in me only with time – initially I arranged it in cool white, additionally with glossy fronts, which are not “warm” at all. Check what I changed in our bedroom! Get inspired by my ideas for small changes that will turn any room into a cozy oasis for relaxation.

Ikea bookcase in the bedroom

The Ikea bookcase in the bedroom appeared as the last functionality of this room. Our bedroom changes its many functionalities with the development of our family. Initially – apart from our place to sleep, of course – it also served as a function sleeping corner for the child z  the basket of Mosesfeeding corner or care cornerto finally become a corner with books and a reading chair.