Home ... nothing makes me happy like my home. Because I love interiors, I have made various metamorphoses in my home, even small ones. In my life so far I have moved several times and each time carrying out a renovation or even a small rearrangement of furniture brought me a lot of fun. Such a small change allows you to feel like in a completely strange place and at the same time - at ease and completely at home. I love to arrange my place on earth, carry out metamorphoses in it, make decorations, often with my own hands. On the blog, I show different rooms in my home, my place on earth. In the blog, you can watch it change with a few small tweaks. There is no boredom with me!

Cozy bedroom

A cozy bedroom is a need that appeared in me only with time - initially I arranged it in cool white, additionally with glossy fronts, which are not "warm" at all. Check what I changed in our bedroom! Get inspired by my ideas for small changes that will turn any room into a cozy oasis for relaxation.

Lighting in the living room - how to design it?

lighting in the living room

Lighting in the living room - how to design it? I used to think that this question didn't concern me at all. What to design? You choose a few lamps and that's it. Nothing could be more wrong. What mistakes have we made and what have we decided to solve them?

Hallway arrangement - walls like windows

Arrangement of the hallway - walls like windows

The arrangement of the hall on the first floor has finally become a reality. I invite you to my place again today - see how I warmed up and opened the corridor, which I run several dozen times a day on the route bedroom and children's rooms.