Big and small journeys! I love traveling! It is discovering new places, getting to know the natives, tasting regional dishes … Traveling makes us feel like in a completely different reality for some time. We break away from our everyday worries, from the people and places that surround us every day. I think traveling is something that many people can afford, regardless of budget. After all, hitchhiking allows us to travel the length and breadth of Poland, and there are still so many undiscovered places! Traveling often allows you to look inside yourself, find things inside you that you did not know about, and even often learn something new about yourself and your family. In my case, it took place during my month in Rome. When it seems that you already know everything – something will always surprise you!

Hotel Astor Jastrzębia Góra – our opinion

The seaside town of Jastrzębia Góra, a few hundred meters to the beach on the open Baltic Sea, modern rooms with swings so large that you can sleep on them, delicious food, swimming pool, bowling alley and several hundred square meters of game and play rooms with animations for children in case of bad weather? Today I am taking you to the Astor Hotel in Jastrzębia Góra. We were looking for a hotel for a long weekend and our whole trip started with a similar photo.

An oasis of peace and a balm for the soul, eye and palate – 40 minutes from Warsaw

So far, for holidays with children, I have chosen places that are very friendly to them, but those in which I had a guarantee that they would not be the loudest ;-), i.e. large hotels with endless running corridors, created in the first place for parents with children. This time I had a great desire to spend my time a bit differently – quieter, more peaceful, more beautiful, but still very comfortable, with two lively kids aged 2 and 4,5 years. In the countryside, but also close to the city.

Ultralight airplane stroller, that is … we’re going on vacation!

Although from our pram Stokke Xplory I am still very happy when we started planning trips with the baby – be it by car or plane, visualizing the whole packing process, there was a need for a travel bag for our stroller or an ultralight stroller when folded, providing the child with comfort and a nap in need when traveling or on holiday walks. On this occasion, I decided to share with you my favorite candidates for the perfect ultralight stroller, which will work well when traveling by car, train or plane, as well as on a daily basis during shopping or quick trips.