Tips for moms? In the real world we would probably sit down over a coffee (probably cold) with screaming children running around, just making sure that they are safe and do not eat rubbish from the floor. We would talk and consult, mother to mother, on general, maternity, home and so on, in other words: life. However, because we are in the virtual sphere, so I can invite you to the blog to read about my advice for you. Ask: Advice on what? Each. What are you looking for? I hope you find a lot of practical tips and answers to your questions here. Who knows, maybe we can solve a dilemma or problem together.

Parent's bedroom with a children's corner

This year, already coming to an end, was supposed to be a period of great changes for our family, because in 2021 we decided to build a house, which fortunately did not start. Why fortunately? Over the past few months, the world around us has changed a lot and it has no intention of slowing down even for a moment...

Ecological school layette and a study corner for preschoolers

School layette - two words that, despite the full summer holidays, circulate in the minds of parents of all schoolchildren. How to make a school starter kit so as not to burden the home budget, the child was satisfied, and the whole process of completing was another valuable ecolection?

A gift for Grandma's and Grandpa's Day - DIY

gift for grandma and grandpa diy day

It is characteristic of our plans that we do not always manage to implement them. And good plans are those that are easy to modify. Therefore, if you have been planning what to prepare with your kids for Grandma's and Grandpa's Day for weeks, but in the end you have one day left, and you only sit down to it today - just like us, because I spent the whole last week in bed - then I invite you to 5 ideas for a gift for Grandma's and Children's Day - DIY - last-minute version.

Our evening rituals with two children

baby bathing tub on shnuggle stand

Our beginnings with two children could be described in one word - spontaneous. The whole family influenced the irregular lifestyle of the Newborn, but after two months we managed to work out the rhythm of the whole family. How did it look like then and how did we manage to find ourselves in an extraordinary, unknown reality with two children, which surprised us much more than the one with one child?

Sensory toys

sensory toys

Sensory toys are an amazing support for our toddlers in discovering the world and stimulating the senses. Ours are also in the spirit of Montessori.


The senses are of great importance in the development of infants and young children. The little ones get to know the holidays around them, they are curious about everything, they have to try everything - taste, touch, smell, watch from all sides. Sensory toys are those that shape the ability to receive, understand and respond to stimuli coming from the environment. Sensory toys also activate the baby's brain.